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Tucher Privatbrauerei

The city of Nuremberg is known for two things: the small, hearty Nuremberg bratwurst, which are sold in pairs in Weckla, and the Christkindlesmarkt, which takes place every year in Advent. But the Franconian metropolis has a lot more to offer: the historic old town is a wonderful place to stroll, the Imperial Castle offers an insight into Nuremberg's past and the city has its own recipe for spicy gingerbread. In addition, delicious beer is brewed in Nämberch, as the residents affectionately call their homeland, and have been for hundreds of years. A long-established brewery in town is Tucher.

350 years of wonderful Nuremberg beer

The Tucher family has been brewing since 1672. At that time, the Municipal Weizenbräuhaus was built and brewing began under the direction of two officials. The brewery came into the hands of the Tuchers and got its current name in the mid-19th century: the aristocratic family of the Tuchers from Simmelsdorf took over the brewery and began to spread the word about fine Nuremberg beer from their pen out into the world. Barely twenty years later, Tucher'sche beer was already a popular export product and part of the Paris World Exhibition in 1900. During this time, the brewery won numerous awards in international competitions and made a good name for itself worldwide. In the course of this success, Tucher took over several other breweries and diligently expanded. Nowadays, beer is brewed in two places: in the historic brewhouse on Schillerplatz and in the 2-town brewhouse. The first contains the brewing equipment of the last century - the perfect basis for brewing what is probably Nuremberg's most traditional and typical beer. Only the classic red beer is made in the copper pans and kettles. A comprehensive renovation and years of searching for the perfect recipe made this stroke of genius possible. The 2-town brewhouse was built in 2007 and took its name from its location, which is exactly between Fürth and Nuremberg.

attention to detail

The brewery's product range has constantly expanded and improved since it was founded more than 350 years ago. What has remained the same, however, is the dedication and passion with which brewing has always been done here. A team of master brewers brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the hallowed halls and brews beer with character. In addition to these experts, who can be found in every brewery, Tucher also employs a very special person: the yeast master is solely responsible for cultivating the yeast and carries out this task with just as much pride as his colleagues in the brewhouse. The yeast originates from the Sapienza strain and was cultivated in the brewery itself. We love this enthusiasm for even the smallest detail!

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Tucher Privatbrauerei GmbH & Co. KG
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