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The Polish brewery Tyskie is one of the oldest breweries in Europe and can look back on an eventful history. Over the years, the company has seen ups and downs, advances and setbacks, upgrades, changes of ownership and war — and survived. You can still enjoy the fine beer from Tyskie to this day.

noble past

It all started at the beginning of the 17th century. In the region around Pszczyna, beer was a popular drink and beer sales flourished. The Tyskie brewery opened its doors in 1629 and received permission to brew beer every week. The von Promitz family was at the head of the young company. After the Saxon Uradel did not show a good hand and the brewery was about to close, the brewery changed hands for the first time. Another noble family tried their luck: the principality of Pless (in Pszczyna in the Czech Republic) sent a son to direct the brewery's fortunes in the future. The prince was a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit and big plans. He carried out the first modernization and ensured that the brewery was state-of-the-art with the electrical system and railroad tracks. However, his greatest achievement was to hire a previously unknown master brewer. Julius Müller was a professional who had gained his experience in the breweries of Europe. He gave the brewery the recipe for a golden lager that stood out from other examples of the time due to its balance and drinkability. This brew helped Tyskie to break through. People all over the country wanted to drink the delicious lager and soon there was demand from other European countries.

Blessing in disguise

The brewery's beer was made using innovative technology right from the start. Malt dryers, ice machines, keg elevators, automated bottling machines — everything that was available at the time could be found at Tyskie. Thanks to its repertoire of technical aids, the company was the largest brewery in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The First World War passed her by, the Second was more fateful. Tyskie fell into the hands of the Germans and was quickly converted into a production site for Wehrmacht beer. When the army withdrew, the entire site was to be blown up. The soldiers laid mines but did not detonate them in the rush to retreat. With combined forces, the workforce was able to save the brewery and resume brewing operations. Today, Tyskie is an integral part of the international beer landscape and continues the success of the past. The good lager penned by Julius Müller is still sold and is world-famous under the name Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager .

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