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Ulrich Martin

There are many companies where perseverance, good ideas, a certain flexibility and an inexhaustible drive are important. In the brewing industry, on the other hand, they are indispensable. The competition in business has always been great, the taste of beer drinkers is constantly changing and the demands and requirements of modern times don't exactly make it any easier. One company that shows incomparable confidence and courage to start new is the private brewery Ulrich Martin.

Bold steps into the future

The first brewing took place on the site of today's brewery in 1850. At that time, Lorenz Fratz founded a brewery that was to supply the community of Schonungen with good beer for the next 100 years. For a century, brewing took place at Hausener-Haupt-Strasse 5, then the company had to close and lay idle until a brewer with a vision came along and wanted to breathe new life into the venerable building. 58 years after the closure, the brewery was reopened in 2008 with a big ceremony. But before that, the historic brewery was brought up to date using the latest technology. Ulrich Martin didn't just want to pick up where the last brewers left off, he wanted to catapult the old craft of brewing into the present with contemporary energy management and environmentally friendly technology.

Environmental protection and quality go hand in hand

The traditional beer with a modern twist is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of heat: up to 75% of the heating energy used in the brewing process is recovered in the form of hot water and converted into coins for further use. So not a spark of energy is lost. But that's not enough for Ulrich Martin: he works tirelessly to make his brewery even more environmentally friendly. A big step in this direction was the Naturland certification in 2019. The brewery obtains the barley for its Gutsbier from Gut Obbach, which grows the grain according to Naturland’s strict specifications. The barley for the other beers also comes from regional farmers and is germinated and kilned in neighboring Schweinfurt by the Günther Schubert malt house. From these exquisite raw materials, the finest beer is brewed in the Franconian style under Ulrich's skilled hands. With instinct and passion, the master brewer combines tried-and-tested recipes with traditional craftsmanship, young ideas and the latest technology. In the brewery's own inn you can enjoy homemade delicacies to go with the local beers. Here, too, the team attaches great importance to the origin of their ingredients: the gardeners from regional family businesses and the gardener Birkmeyer from Sennfeld are responsible for the vegetables and salads, while the meat and sausages come from private butchers in the immediate vicinity of the brewery. The quality of each individual product that leaves the counter has top priority, the same applies to the beer.

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Brauerei Martin
Hausener Hauptstr. 5
97453 Schonungen/Hausen

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phone 09727-403011 09727-403011

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