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Unknown Brewing

The unknown is a mysterious entity that both attracts and instills fear in people. The unknown contains adventure and challenge, surprises, the unexpected, the overwhelming, adrenaline rushes, mysteries, elation and disappointment, change. You never know beforehand what you're getting yourself into and you can only tell afterwards whether the risk was worth it or not. The most difficult part is the beginning: jumping into cold water or out of the plane, taking the first steps into unknown territory, taking risks. The team at a young American brewery is so fascinated by the magic of the unknown that they base their entire concept on it.

A mysterious undertaking

The brewery we're talking about is called The Unknown Brewing Company and comes from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The brewers are firmly convinced that fine beer doesn't need an unusual name and that a good title doesn't necessarily mean a good beer. That's why they chose a name that you can project your wildest fantasies and thoughts into. It acts as a kind of placeholder and symbolizes the great, mysterious, mysterious, adventurous unknown, without making empty promises. The open road without a clear destination, the first step into the dark night, the move to a foreign country, the first meeting with a new person? The Unknown Brewing Company is everything and whatever you think about it.

Name: unknown, taste: excellent

However, the brewery not only gives us a great concept, it also brews the right beer to go with it. The range consists of modern craft beers and newly interpreted American classics and also scores with its colorful look. The labels feature colorful designs that put you in a good mood and awaken your thirst for beer. But the top priority is the beer itself: the brewery's mission is to brew great barley juice and have a fabulous time doing it. So simple, so good.

Are you one of those people who say “yes” without batting an eyelid, who love adventure and are always looking for the next adrenaline rush? Then the creations of Unknown Brewing Company are exactly your beer!

Logo: Unknown Brewing

The Unknown Brewing Company
1327 S Mint St
Charlotte, NC

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  
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