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Van Steenberge

Like Germany, Belgium also has an eventful and varied beer history. The craft, which was already practiced by monks in the Middle Ages, is still very important today and is appreciated by gourmets and beer lovers alike. Belgian beer is known all over the world and is characterized by its strong character, high alcohol content and sophisticated taste. A traditional brewery in Belgium is Van Steenberge.

A brewery with many names

The history of the brewery begins in 1784. Jean Baptiste de Bruin founded the brewery and produced fine beer under the name De Peer. After his death, the scepter passed to his widow, who passed the management on to her cousin Jozef Schelfaut at the end of her life. The first Van Steenberg at the head of the brewery entered the scene some time later when he married Jozef's daughter Margriet. Van Steenberg was originally a politician and scientist, but his work as a microbiologist at the Ghent Brewery School made him an ideal candidate to run a brewery. He combined entrepreneurial skills with a good feel for the beer market and helped the brewery to grow. The brewery survived both world wars without major damage. Modernization and expansion increased the possibilities and the range could be broadened. After the first steps of the brewery were taken under the name De Peer, the brewery was then called Bios. The name Van Steenberge was introduced by the son of Margriet and her resourceful husband.

Double fermentation keeps better

Today, the seventh generation of the family runs the brewery and carries on the culinary legacy of their ancestors with heart and soul. The beer, which has given the brewery a good name on the national and international beer scene, is brewed using traditional methods. The latest technology and a repertoire of recipes handed down from generation to generation supplement the brewing art of the centuries with a pinch of modernity. Delicious beers such as the world-famous Gulden Draak are brewed from the finest raw materials. The second fermentation is typically Belgian: after the brewing process is complete, the beer is bottled and given an extra portion of yeast and sugar. With the help of this small addition, the beer starts a second fermentation in the bottle, which gives the brew its complexity and its round, full-bodied body. The beers are stored for two weeks, but are suitable for a much longer storage period. Three months make the aroma mild and fruity, eighteen months deepen the taste and increase the volume.

Regardless of whether you drink your Gulden Draak fresh or store it in your cellar for a few months - it is always a treat!

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Brouwerij Van Steenberge
Lindenlaan 25
B-9940 Ertvelde

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phone +32 9 344 50 71 +32 9 344 50 71

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