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Regionality is a factor that is becoming increasingly important and respected in the food industry. More and more manufacturers are networking with farmers and suppliers in their immediate vicinity, and not just to save costs. Rather, this movement is about keeping the ecological footprint of products as small as possible and minimizing transport routes as much as possible. In addition, the support of the people in the region and the networking of individuals play a major role. When it comes to regionality, the two brothers Ronald and Sander vandeStreek have a trump card up their sleeve: Not only do they attach great importance to it, they are also called like this: The surname of the two beer-loving Dutch means nothing else than "from the region".

Great beer with and without alcohol

But that is by no means the only ace of Sander and Ronald. The two are the head, heart and hand behind the vandeStreek brewery and score with a core range of seven beers. In addition to the popular evergreens, the brewers also offer a whole range of seasonal beers, unique specialties and barrel-aged specialties. Another hobby of beer connoisseurs is brewing low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beers. Sander and Ronald are known far beyond the borders of the Netherlands for their feather-light, tasty and uniquely well-brewed non-alcoholic drinks. The family business wants to brew modern, flavourful beers that are challenging with great aromas and character. Quality plays a major role here: the raw materials are selected by hand and the brewing process is subject to strict rules and constant quality control. The brothers' beer is brewed to drink, so every bottle must be a delight.


The history of the vandeStreek brewery is a touching example of the love between brothers. Sander and Ronald discovered their love for beer as teenagers: When Sander was given a brewing set for his 16th birthday, the boys were on fire. They indulged their enthusiasm for barley juice with experiments and trials, they developed recipes and were soon able to supply family and friends with delicious beer. On Sander's 30th birthday, the whole family got together and raised the start-up capital for their own brewery through crowdfunding. On his feast day, they handed him the money and the first batch of beer orders. From then on, everything went very quickly: The two brothers brewed as much as their capacities allowed, took part in festivals and also brought new beer styles and series onto the market. The first own brewing system was finally in 2017 and since then the vandeStreek brothers can no longer be stopped.

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VandeStreek Bier BV
Ontariodreef 43
3565 BC Utrecht

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phone +3130 737 1255 +3130 737 1255

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