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Surprises are great, so Ole and Sebastian thought they would surprise the Frankfurt beer scene with the opening of their brewery. Instead of big announcements, the two didn't say a word about their project and acted in secret for quite a while until they waited with an unexplained countdown to the release of the first beer. This countdown popped up on her Instagram page in April 2021 and it wasn't until the release of the brew 43 days later that it became clear what would happen when the time was up. clever!

Blessing in disguise

Before the dynamic duo decided to open their own brewery, Sebastian and Ole worked as event technicians. Although one of the two was brewing at the university, that was now 20 years ago. In 2019, their shared love of barley juice prompted them to take a more serious look at the topic. They were about to find a brewery and get started right away, but the pandemic threw a spanner in the works. In retrospect, that was more a blessing than a curse, because when things finally got going in 2021, the two had worked out a perfect concept and put two years of development into their beer creations. During this time it also became clear that the dream of having your own brewing system was of secondary importance: instead of putting all your money into a brewing system, the people of Frankfurt preferred to brew roses at their colleagues from Kuehn Kunz. As a cuckoo brewer, you can rely on the professional equipment of others and put your capacities into perfecting your beers.

Woohoo, beer!

The name of the brewery is composed of the joyful exclamation "Yay" and the term "ale". Because Yay Ale is a bit bulky, the friends quickly made YAYLE out of it. Sebastian was able to gain his first brewing experience when he started as a homebrewer in 2015. Ole brings a different kind of culinary knowledge with him: He is a trained chef and has a knack for exquisite raw materials and their optimal processing. In their shared brews, the two combine their strengths. Because they are perfectionists, Ole and Sebastian only ever concentrate on one brew. Instead of maintaining a core range of ten or more beers, they work on one beer until it's perfect and then bring it out. While the stock is slowly being drunk empty, the two are already brooding over the next creation. That's what we call dedication! Incidentally, the beers are only bottled in cans because this container provides the optimal environment for long-lasting taste.

Logo: Yayle

Offelmann, Claßen GbR
Gangstraße 6
60388 Frankfurt am Main

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