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Zmajska Pivovara

The dragon is a mythical animal that appears in the myths and legends of all over the world. It doesn't matter whether you look at oriental stories, western ones or those of the ancient Romans and Greeks, the dragon is common to all. For a long time, mankind assumed that the scaled and winged animal actually existed. Numerous men earned their hero status by supposedly defeating a lindworm and the mighty being was admired for its strength and all sorts of attributes were attributed to it. Today one is quite sure that the dragon as we know it from the illustrations of the last millennia is a product of our imagination. Although there are and were a number of dragon-like animals, such as the Komodo dragons or dinosaurs, which were up to three meters long, the existence of a scaly creature with four legs, wings and the ability to spit fire is rather unlikely. Nevertheless, the dragon lives in children's books, stories, legends and as a heraldic animal for cities, companies and a Croatian brewery.

dragon strong

Said brewery is called Zmajska Pivovara and claims to be the first craft brewery in Croatia. Long before the hype swept from the United States to the Balkans, the later founders had already heard about it. Knowing that it would be a while before the new brews could be bought in stores, they tried brewing themselves. At home in his own four walls, Andrej Čapka started his first brewing attempts and was very impressed by the hop-intensive brews that he produced there. After a few years of successful homebrewing, Andrej took the plunge and founded Zmajska Pivovara in 2013. The dragon is not only found in the name of the brewery (Zmajska means dragon), but also in the logo design: a cheerful dragon with a serrated comb and sharp teeth grins from every can and bottle.

Enthusiastic about beer with body and soul

Today Andrei is no longer alone. His team has grown steadily since Pivovara was founded and supports the head brewer in his daily work. The range is a mixture of down-to-earth classics and more elaborate craft beer specialities. Each individual brew is brewed with hand-picked raw materials and owes its taste and excellent quality to the brewing art of its makers and their many years of experience in the craft. For the people behind Zmajska Pivovara, craft beer is so much more than just their favorite drink: it is a way of life, their passion and a product that they love with every fiber of their hearts.

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Logo: Zmajska Pivovara

Zmajska pivovara d.o.o.
Kreše Golika 3a
10 090 Zagreb

location_on Kroatien (HR)  

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BRAUFRISCH Untappd: 4,08
Rouge 22
€ 19,90
Zmajska Pivovara 0,75 l bottle — € 26,53 / ltr
BRAUFRISCH Untappd: 4,1
Cherna Zorya
€ 7,50
Zmajska Pivovara 0,50 l Can — € 15,00 / ltr

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