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Die Bierothek® Fürth

Impressions from Fürth

Welcome to the Bierothek® Fürth!

Tired of local beers? The Bierothek® Fürth can help . Craft beers from all over the world, exotic brewing styles and great gifts on the topic of beer - this is what the Bierothek® Fürth stands for. With a total of 350 different beers, the hop-affine delicatessen counter presents the range of modern as well as traditional brewing art. On top of that , the Bierothek® naturally also offers other articles on the subject of beer - books, groceries and other accessories expand the range of the beer specialist shop . In addition to the selected range of numerous beer specialties, the Bierothek® organizes regular beer tastings and beer seminars , in which you can learn everything you need to know about beer.

Bierothek® beer seminar - beer tasting in THE craft beer shop in Fürth

Are you looking for a beer tasting, beer seminar, tasting, beer tasting, beer tasting or craft beer tasting or do you want to have a beer diploma soon? Then the Bierothek® beer seminar in our craft beer shop is just right for you. The Bierothek® Fürth is THE beer shop in Fuerth, where you learn under the guidance of beer sommeliers much on the subject of beer and can also still enjoy a beer tasting of seven special beers. At the end of your Bierothek® beer seminar in THE beer shop in Fürth you will receive a free beer sommelier tasting glass, a Bierothek® beer diploma certificate, various tasting beer mats and other beer-based seminar documents completely FREE .

You want to plan a bachelorette party (JGA) or hen party , but you don't know what to do yet? Then you should definitely stop at the Bierothek® Fürth for your bachelorette party (JGA) or hen party. We offer you an individually planned Bierothek® beer seminar according to your taste in the best beer shop in Fürth . The Bierothek® beer seminar in the Bierothek® Fürth is not aimed at getting drunk without thinking, but rather to get to know the best beer specialties in the world, to learn a lot about the topic of beer and the brewing process and to taste 7 specialty beers in the process. Your bachelorette party (JGA) or hen party in THE craft beer store Fürths - an unforgettable experience .

If you have any questions about the Bierothek® beer seminar in our craft beer store in Fürth or about our range of international craft beers, unusual beer specialties and special beers, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to help!

Bierothek® beer package Fürth

In addition to our Bierothek® beer packages , which we only offer in our online shop (you can of course also order your beer package online and have it delivered to your Bierothek® branch near you), there is also an in-house beer package in each of our stores (e.g. for the Bierothek® Fürth the Bierothek® beer package Fürth), in which the most popular beers of the respective Bierothek® branch are.

Let the flair of the Bierothek® Fürth affect you and enjoy 12 specialty beers with the Bierothek® Fürth beer package! Get it now and enjoy!

Six questions for store manager Aron

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer is your favorite beer?
Aron: "Phew, very difficult to say .. next question please .. No honestly, you can't really give an answer to this question. I have my favorites for every beer style, be it a German, Belgian or an India Pale Ale. But I cannot commit myself to a very special beer. Fortunately, the variety of beers is so great! There is always something new to discover! "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which is the most extraordinary beer in the Bierothek® Fürth?
Aron: "Definitely the Lehe Chilsner. A deliciously brewed pilsner with a good portion of chilli! At first you think that this combination is a disaster, but once you've tried it, you'll quickly learn better! surprised by a slight smoky note. "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer do you recommend to craft beer newbies?
Aron: "Counter-question: What does craft beer actually mean? Many people think that this is a" whipped up "beer, the word comes from English and means" to cook "or" handmade ". For me, a craft beer is, if for A beer has put a lot of thought into it and the hop drink is brewed with a large portion of love and passion! For me, a great beer for beginners is usually a cold-hopped light such as "Das Helle" from the Tilmans brewery in Munich! "

Bierothek® Magazin: What was your first beer?
Aron: "Oh dear ... sins of youth haunt you again and again ... In order to get a taste of beer at the time, I liked to drink“ mixed beers ”(I already regret it ...) from major German breweries. Fortunately, I turned my back on that and my first "real" beer back then was the Zirndorfer Landbier. Unfortunately I have to say that it doesn't taste as good today as it did back then ... "

Bierothek® Magazin: How and when did you come across the topic of "beer"?
Aron: "As I said above, I first had to get used to the“ bitter ”. As a child I didn't like beer at all because it smelled so pungent ... Perhaps it was also because I used the old brewery in the southern part of Fürth (by the way, a a beautiful place) and didn't like the smell at all ... "

Bierothek® Magazin: What does it mean to you to be a store manager in the Bierothek®?
Aron: "Because I am a very open-minded and open person, social contact is very important to me. The same applies to me with customers. Only when they are really satisfied with what they want to buy through my beer consultation then I am, too."

Die Bierothek® Fürth
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