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Die Bierothek® Konstanz

Welcome to the Bierothek® Konstanz!

Opening in September 2020

Located on the beautiful Lake Constance, Konstanz is a magnet for visitors from near and far. The German city borders not only on the idyllic lake, but also on our neighboring country Switzerland and the Alps. When the weather is good, Konstanz offers a wonderful view of the magnificent mountain range with snow-capped peaks on the horizon. However, the university town has still lacked one attraction : a Bierothek® ! But the wait is over. Bierothek® Konstanz opened at the beginning of September and has since enriched the cultural landscape with a wide range of handpicked beers .
A delicious craft beer for a stroll across the flower island of Mainau? Get it at the Bierothek®! A down-to-earth cellar beer to toast the Imperia? You can also find that in the Bierothek® Konstanz. From now on, locals and tourists can sweeten their visit to the picturesque old town of Constance with German classics , international highlights , malty flatterers and sophisticated hop bombs . In the Bierothek® Konstanz there is the right beer for every taste, no matter how unusual your taste is! Our expert staff is ready to help you find your new favorite beer.
And those who not only like to drink beer, but are also interested in all topics related to beer, will be happy about our range of beer events . In the Bierothek® Konstanz you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about beer at entertaining beer seminars and try the most delicious beers at themed tastings.
The Bierothek® Konstanz is THE new contact point for all friends of fantastic beers on Lake Constance. We look forward to your visit!

Bierothek® beer seminar - beer tasting
Buying beer used to be very easy. You had a relatively limited range and didn't have to be very knowledgeable to make a choice. Today we indulge in the luxury of well- stocked beer shelves . In addition to the classics, there are suddenly dozens of other beers, including exotic beers and those that have not yet been tasted. If you would like to get to know this hop jungle better in the future, we recommend the beer events at the Bierothek® Konstanz . In our beer tastings you try on under the professional guidance of a beer sommeliers a range of exciting beers and get to do a package with beery seminar materials, a tasting glass for the next beer tasting at home, beer mats and a certificate that your Bierothek® beer diploma confirmed. Our craft beer tastings are suitable for both beginners and real experts. Whether you are enjoying an IPA for the first time or talking to the sommelier about tannins and pairings - everyone gets their money's worth at our beer seminars!

You've stag parties fed up with stale beer cans or cheap champagne? We have a stylish alternative that definitely won't give you a headache the next day. For your perfect stag or hen party, we plan an individual beer tasting , where you can taste seven special beers specially selected for you. A professional beer sommelier will serve you fine craft beers in a great ambience and share his expertise and one or two secrets about hop juice with you. Quality instead of quantity is the motto here: we serve you artisanal, masterfully composed beers that you have never tasted guaranteed.
Come to the home of the best beers in the world and enjoy a top-class beer event in the Bierothek® Konstanz !

Delivery address Bodanstraße Konstanz

There is also good news for our neighbors from Switzerland: The delivery address Bodanstraße is now part of the Bierothek® Konstanz ! This service is aimed at all residents of Switzerland who want to avoid the sometimes expensive and complicated shipping to Switzerland or who want to order goods that are not delivered to Switzerland. Expensive shipping and customs clearance costs don't have to be! The delivery address Bodan is your address in Germany and the way to convenient, low-cost online shopping . We guarantee a safe arrival of your purchases and store them until you pick them up from us. For the smooth mail traffic between Germany and Switzerland for online orders and private parcels, the delivery address Bodanstraße is your contact point in Konstanz . And who knows, maybe when you pick up the goods you will find a new favorite beer in the wide range of the Bierothek® Konstanz?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the beer range of the Bierothek® Konstanz or about our beer seminars. Or you can just drop by the Bierothek® Konstanz, our expert BEER advisers are at your side with help and advice.

Die Bierothek® Konstanz
Bruderturmgasse 8
78462 Konstanz

person Hasan Ozan

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