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Die Bierothek® Regensburg

Impressions from Regensburg


Opening in early November 2020!

Donaustadt, university town, beer town - Regensburg is not only home to the world-famous Regensburger Domspatzen, it is also home to a whole host of other attractions. Every year, countless tourists flock to the picturesque old town to see the rich cultural treasure of the UNESCO World Heritage , to stroll through the beautiful alleys and to go shopping. The city in south-east Germany is known for its magnificent Gothic cathedral, which offers the “Regensburger Domspatzen” boys' choir an opulent stage for their powerful vocal performances. The Stone Bridge, which, along with the Regensburg St. Peter's Basilica, is one of the city's landmarks, leads across the broad bed of the Danube. There is also a sausage stall with a history: You have been able to buy sausages, affectionately known here as Wurstkuchl, in a rustic atmosphere for more than 500 years. In addition to these and a few other venerable sights, the city shines with the relaxed, modern atmosphere that only university towns have. In the summer there is picnics and barbecues on the Jahninsel, good-humored people stroll on the banks of the Danube and at the fountain on Bismarckplatz there is always a crowd of young people celebrating life chatting loudly. Exactly the right city for our newest Bierothek® !

From now on we are supplying Regensburg residents, residents of Regensburg, tourists and everyone else on site with a wide range of the finest beers . We have the right drink for every occasion: fluffy pale ales and session IPAs for the next barbecue party at Guggenberger See, specialty beers from all over the world for festive occasions, local classics for a relaxed evening on the Danube and artisanal craft beers of the extra class for everyone Day. The Bierothek® Regensburg is a paradise for people who are crazy about hops and beer lovers: Here you can browse through the well-stocked shelves to your heart's content, ask our knowledgeable staff with questions and learn more about beer. We also hold beer seminars on a regular basis . With an excellent beer you will learn interesting and exciting facts about the beer specialties presented and learn tricks and tips from an experienced beer sommelier. The absolute highlight are the themed tastings and beer tastings at the Bierothek® Regensburg , where various handpicked beers are tasted.

We welcome all friends of beer to the Bierothek® Regensburg, our beer lovers are ready for you!


Germany's already rich beer landscape has grown into a real cornucopia of beer diversity in recent years. New creations are added almost every day and enrich the beer market with innovative ingredients, crazy tastes and fresh or revived old beer styles. You can lose track of it! The Beer Sommelier of Bierothek® Regensburg can help: The beer samples of Bierothek® Regensburg they present an ever-changing selection of seven craft beers. The specialties from Germany and the world will be tasted under the expert guidance of professionals in the beer sommelier shares his knowledge with the beer enthusiasts and reveals interesting details about each beer, how to tickle the maximum flavor out of them and what food they best combined. In the end, the participants are not only richer in knowledge, but also receive as a bonus a beer diploma from the Bierothek® Regensburg , beer-like seminar documents and a tasting glass with beer mats for the next beer tasting at home.

The beer seminars at the Bierothek® Regensburg are also a popular activity for stag and hen parties. Together with you, we plan an individual beer tasting that is entirely based on your taste. Try craft beer instead of coma drinking and stout instead of sparkling wine! We warmly welcome bridal showers and bachelors and prepare you an unforgettable experience with the finest beers, beery anecdotes and useful beer knowledge. Do you have to organize a bachelorette party? Contact our motivated staff and work with them to plan a very personal beer tasting for you and your crew!

Do you have any questions about the wide range of the finest beers, about a particularly wacky brew, about the range of tasting or beer seminars offered by the Bierothek® Regensburg or simply thirsting for beer? Come by - the team at the Bierothek® Regensburg is ready with a good mood, beer knowledge and good tips!

Die Bierothek® Regensburg
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