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Alms Craft-Beer

Alms are magical places. They are high up on the lush mountain meadows of high peaks and invite hikers, climbers, skiers and cyclists to enjoy a leisurely snack. Yeast dumplings, Kaiserschmarren, schnitzel, a glass of fresh buttermilk or a hearty beer are just waiting to be enjoyed by us. Most of us also think of a very special children's series when we hear the word Alm, in which a little girl moves from the city to her grumpy relative on the mountain. We picture idyllic scenes with grazing goats, blooming gentians, barefoot children and morning baths in the ice-cold fountain and dream of our next trip to the Alps. This is exactly where you will find the Höss brewery : the traditional brewery is at a little over 1000 meters above sea level.

Wonderful beer from the Alps

The brewery lives out its passion for the flair and coziness of the classic Alm in a label that was founded especially for this purpose: Alms Craft-Beer is a subsidiary of Höss and the source when it comes to alpine beer specialties. High above the hustle and bustle of Bregenz, there is a wonderful calm - the perfect prerequisite for delicious beer. Part of the brewery is located in the halls of a former ski lift and offers a fantastic view over the surrounding landscape. In addition to its beer specialties, the brewery sells a wide range of beer-based gifts. You can feel everywhere that the Höss family has a great deal of enthusiasm for the subject of beer and, in addition to their time, also puts their heart and soul into the company.

An absolute must for après-ski

Hut magic is a testament to the Höss family's love of the classic Alm. The powerful beer is everything you need after a long day on the slopes: full-bodied, velvety soft and full-bodied. The delicacy brings a whopping 7.7% alcohol content into the glass and spreads a pleasant warmth in body and soul. The porter flows into the glass in a bright copper red and bewitches the senses with an olfactory and culinary bouquet of milk chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, creamy caramel and smooth malt. And although the brew is not a classic alpine one, it goes perfectly with the local cuisine: the delicately melting chocolate notes and the decent roasted bitterness harmonize with both hearty dishes and typical pastries. The beer appears under the Alms Craft Beer label and delivers what it promises: a sophisticated craft beer with a generous pinch of hut magic!

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Höss Brau- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG
Gewerbepark 35
87477 Sulzberg

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phone 08376 / 976380 08376 / 976380

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