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Beer and spices usually have little cutting surface: The Bavarian Purity Law prohibits the use of all raw materials apart from hops, malt, water and yeast, so pepper, cloves, salt or cinnamon are rarely found in conventional brewing operations. The craft beer movement has brought about a real shift in the choice of ingredients and has seen more and more unusual things appear on the label. At the same time, however, beer has also conquered other culinary areas. The spice market, for example!

Taste by conviction

Ankerkraut is a family business from Hamburg that specializes in the production and sale of spices and spice mixtures. With the desire to bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchen cupboard, Anne and Stefan founded their culinary empire and ensure that more and more people dare to cook again. Their products are made from exquisite raw materials and do not contain any artificial additives. Sustainability, responsibility and fairness are just as important to the couple as the excellent taste of their spices. Our highlight in the range is of course the beer marinade . This spice mix contains salt, tomato, onion, garlic, paprika. Pepper and all sorts of other delicacies and is wonderful for giving a good piece of meat, seitan or tofu that certain extra. If you mix the dry marinade with a few spoonfuls of beer, you can massage it into the food and get the maximum flavor out of it.

(Space) Necessity is the mother of invention

The best ideas arise out of necessity, as countless entrepreneurs and founders can certainly confirm. In the case of Anne and Stefan Lemcke, the brilliant idea was not necessarily based on an emergency situation, but one can certainly say that a grievance led to it. Strictly speaking, two: On the one hand, Stefan was dissatisfied with his job at the time and was looking for a new sphere of activity, on the other hand, his wife Anne was fed up with the chaos in the kitchen. Spices usually come in small jars and jars and anyone who likes to cook knows that a lot accumulates there. To make room in the kitchen cupboard, Anne and Stefan quickly started mixing their spices to match the theme. This stroke of genius was the beginning of something really big: The two founded Ankerkraut and their idea hit like a bomb. With the help of well-known investors, they set up their young company professionally and soon had a comprehensive range of fine spice mixtures on offer. Corona has given them an additional boost. Because people had to stay at home more during the pandemic, many started cooking and bought the delicious spices from Ankerkraut for their kitchen escapades.

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