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Ārpus Brewing Co.

Not a stone's throw from the Latvian capital Riga are the hallowed halls of a small but fine brewery: Ārpus Brewing.

Beer for connoisseurs

The microbrewery was founded in 2017. Behind the label is a team of beer-loving geeks whose heart beats for craft beer. After years of drinking the finest creations of other brewers and getting lost in the endless expanses of taste, it was time to brew their own beer. The Ārpus house only brews what the ladies and gentlemen behind the kettles themselves prefer to drink: ales with juicy fruit and so much hops that you get dizzy, ultra-fruity and crisp sour beers, challenging stouts with a dark soul and magical ones specialty beers. These sometimes wacky beers don't always meet the taste of the general public, but that's not the goal at all. Ārpus beers are brews for connoisseurs and gourmets. Your courage to brew beer for the special moment is repeatedly rewarded with awards. The brewers are particularly proud of the title of "best brewery in the Baltics", which they received from the beer rating platform Untappd.

Brewing outside the box

The name of the brewery is Latvian. The word Ārpus means something like outside, far from, outside or beyond the limits. The team chose this title because it best suits their concept: their beer should be unconventional and outside of rules and conventions. Taste and character should be clearly different from industrially produced specimens and the powerful aroma of the brews should inspire people to leave their comfort zone and dare something new. Their range is a varied mix of powerful India Pale Ales, exceptional specialty beers with special ingredients and collaborations with brewers from all over Europe and Russia. Among the brewers who have already sat at a table with Ārpus are some whose exquisite products also adorn our shelves. There are, for example, Sibeeria Brewing , Folkingebrew or the Sori Brewing Company . Cross-border cooperation between brewers has many advantages. The breweries can exchange ideas, share experiences and knowledge, learn about new techniques or raw materials and make friends - for us, however, the highlight is the beer that comes out at the end.

Taste the Ārpus brewery's collaborative brew here with us. Maybe your new favorite beer is among them!

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Ārpus Brewing Co.
Ādažu novads,

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