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The Augustiner Bräu München is one of the most famous breweries in Germany and is known far beyond the borders of the Federal Republic. The venerable brewery has its roots in the early 14th century and looks back on an eventful history. However, one thing has remained the same despite all the unrest, change of ownership and relocations: the outstanding quality and the wonderful taste of Augustiner beers.

Good beer by the grace of God

Like many breweries in Bavaria, the Augustiner Bräu Munich was initially a monastery. The brewery first appeared in the history books in 1328. At that time, the hardworking monks of the Augustinian hermits stood behind the brewing kettles to ensure the continued existence of their monastery. The men of God did this job so well that they were appointed purveyors to the court of the Wittelsbach dukes. When they finally decided to build their own brewery, the delicious Augustiner was already so popular in and around Munich that it was an indispensable part of the city's beer repertoire. However, secularization put an abrupt end to the monks' brewing activity. The robes were banned from the holy halls, but the brewery was continued without them. When the company was sold back into private hands after years of state management, the Augustiner Bräu experienced a real boom and was expanded several times. Today the long-established brewery is part of the culinary cultural treasure of the city of Munich.

Munich quality work

In the almost 700 years of brewing history, there is countless evidence that all efforts of the brewery were and are based on one maxim: The production of high-quality beers has top priority. The basis of all good beers is water. For its range of outstanding beers, the Augustiner Bräu only uses water that is obtained from the brewery's own well. Munich has always prided itself on its fabulous water, it offers the perfect basis for beer. And the malt is still produced in-house. In the historic barley malt house, barley is turned into malt in a complex process. Together with hand-picked hops and the finest yeast, the good Augustiner is brewed from it.

As a traditional brewery, it is extremely important to the team behind the Augustiner Bräu to look after their roots: The brewery has a deep connection to the city of Munich and makes an important contribution to the cultural life in Bavaria's capital. Socializing and indulging in culinary delicacies has always been an integral part of Bavarian culture. Beer gardens and taverns are the heart of this culture and the places where life is celebrated in intimate harmony. A cool Augustiner Hell is a wonderful toast to love, life and the joys of earthly existence.

For another 700 years of the finest Augustiner!

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