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Bayerischer Bahnhof

In the venerable building of the oldest surviving terminus in the world, a specialty from long forgotten days is brewed: the Gose. The sour beer with salt and coriander is a beer specialty from Goslar, which also had its heyday in Leipzig in the 18th century. After that, the Gose fell into oblivion and was only brought back from obscurity with the advent of craft beer in Germany. The Bayerischer Bahnhof brewery is an absolute Gose hotspot and, in addition to the original Leipziger Gose, also brews other exciting beers.

Station history

Not many breweries are located in buildings as historically relevant and interesting as the old Bavarian train station. This looks back on an eventful time and seems to be exactly the right place to revive a historical beer like the Gose. After the first section of the station was inaugurated in 1842, it reached its economic zenith almost 35 years later. Kings and princes walked in the holy halls and gave the magnificent building additional splendor. A century after the inauguration, large parts of the Bayerischer Bahnhof were destroyed by an Allied bombing raid. The demolition of the station was planned for many years until it was finally placed under monument protection in 1975 and could thus be saved.

After the extensive restoration of the station, the reopening took place in 2000: The building now houses the Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof project. This new gastronomy landscape ties in with the hustle and bustle of the old days and not only attracts a large audience to events.


The creative mind behind the boiler is Matthias Richter, who has been brewing for Bayerischer Bahnhof since 2003. The master brewer has dedicated himself to the renaissance of Leipzig Gose and the brewing of surprising, varied beers. In cooperation with young craft beer breweries, hits like the Schampus Weiß Vintage 2017 , another sour beer from Bayerischer Bahnhof, are created. His beer is particularly popular not only in its own bar, but also in America. Richter even creates beers that are only shipped to the USA. Besides the Gose, the specialty of the Bayerischer Hof is naturally cloudy beer. In order to obtain such a beer, the yeast is not filtered out after the brewing process, the beer is bottled unfiltered and thus receives the characteristic cloudiness.

By the way, Gose connoisseurs toast each other with the word Goseanna.

Goseanna - to more delicious beers from the Bayerischer Bahnhof!

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