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Big Shed Brewing

The path between a dream and its realization is sometimes longer than you think. At least it was for Craig and Jason, the founders of the Big Shed Brewing Concern from Australia.

patience is a virtue

The two passionate beer fans got off to a really good start: They rented a large barn and equipped it with everything you need for brewing. The kettle, brew pans, mash paddles and ingredients were ready and the fun could begin. The two enthusiastic homebrewers started their own personal adventure and experimented with raw materials, temperatures, recipes and flavor combinations. In their wild phase of trying things out, they produced excellent beers and those that should never have seen the light of day. Family and joy served as guinea pigs and enjoyed the first really successful beers to the full. Motivated by their early successes, Craig and Jason decided to make their venture official. Due to the location of their business, the name Big Shed Brewing Company quickly found itself and was able to prevail against other ideas. The team got the license to brew and then nothing more happened. Although the two brewed diligently, they did not take any further steps towards their own brewery. At some point the friends realized that while they brewed a lot of beer, most of the human race did not notice it. Her dream was still waiting to be realized.

From dream to brewery in a decade

Craig and Jason didn't really get the hang of it until eleven years after renting the barn. In their decade as brewers, the duo had gained a great deal of experience, the professional polish they received from Adelaid brewing legend Stephen Nelson. With his expert help, they turned their brewing hobby into a brand. They moved into new locations and gave their beers a new, uniform coat of paint. The last step was putting together an assortment and it started in 2013 with FrankenBROWN, an American Brown Ale with soul and a whole lot of flavorful malts. From then on, everything went like clockwork: just one year later, the now successful brewers opened their first own tasting bar, where beer specialties and the right food can be tasted. With their story, Jason and Craig prove that you should stick to good things and that courage and courageous action pay off in the end.

You can find the fine beers of the Big Shed Brewing Concern here. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to take a bold step or to make a dream come true? We are convinced that beer can do that!

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Big Shed Brewing Concern

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