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At first glance, the noble creation from BOERGÉE cannot be distinguished from a high-quality sparkling wine, especially when they are served in appropriate glasses. The bottles closed with a cork are the same ones used for exquisite sparkling wine and the drink itself also looks confusingly similar to the expensive treat: BOERGÉE's brewed pieces are presented in a strong gold tone and form a delicate touch of foam that tirelessly rises to the surface streaming pearls is fed. But what exactly is it that BOERGÉE created?

A specialty from Burgenland

The drink from the Austrian manufactory is a marriage of beer and sparkling wine. For this new creation, however, the team did not simply mix the two components together. Instead, the makers have come up with a process that can be used to create an elegant hybrid. The basis is a classic beer wort, which is brewed from regional barley and enriched with selected hop varieties. The subsequent fermentation takes place with the help of a champagne yeast. These special cultures not only give the beer the sparkling carbonic acid, but also a fine, sparkling wine-like aroma. The grapes that are indispensable for the sparkling wine are added in the next step: two parts of beer are mixed with one part of grape juice and fermented together. The Méthode Tradition rounds off the brewing process. The brew is bottled and aged for several months. Once the maturation is complete, a yeast sediment remains at the bottom of the bottle, which is gently removed by gradually rotating and freezing the neck of the bottle. The end result is a crystal-clear product that combines the fresh sparkle of fine sparkling wines with the delicious balance of hops and malt in beer.

Alone or in company excellent

The manufactory has clear recommendations for enjoying their product: the noble drop tastes best if it is warmed to the correct temperature beforehand. Well-cooled 6 to 7 °C is optimal. All the senses get their money's worth when you pour the hybrid into a champagne flute - golden feast for the eyes and citrus fruity pleasure for the nose. The culmination of the tasting is of course the taste test. BOERGÉE's culinary profile is made up of soft malt spice, fruity hops, fresh citrus notes and a hint of tropical fruit. The sparkling carbonic acid and a delicate acidity skilfully round off the experience. The beer-sparkling wine hybrid is an atmospheric prelude to festive occasions and ideally complements fish dishes, for example. The team recommends smoked char on sourdough bread from the stone oven with butter, homemade horseradish cream and radishes cut into thin slices.

Boergée e.U.
Boschstraße 54
1190 Wien

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