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Brasserie du Bocq

Year after year, the best beers in the world are chosen in international competitions. In these competitions, long-established breweries face young, modern brewers, career changers and old hands. The best wins, no matter how long he or she has been in the business, and that's the fun part. 2019 was a very special year for Brasserie Du Bocq from Belgium. Their Blanche de Namur was named the world's best wit with a gold medal in the Brussels Beer Challenge. A day of celebration for the brewery and a good reward for the hard-working men and women behind the kettles whose motto is "Simply Perfect".

From farmer to brewer

The history of the brewery began small and humble. Farmer Martin Belot brewed his first brew in 1858. Because the farm lay idle in the winter, he began to earn extra income with his home-brewed beer. The excellent water quality of his home town played into his hands. Because Martin and his small team of farm workers did every step of the work themselves, they could only serve a relatively small radius. Word of their wide-ranging selection of different brews got around and gave the family a good reputation in the region. The brewery's own deliveries and the parallel farm were only discontinued almost a hundred years later. From this point on, the beer was sold in supermarkets, liquor stores and by retailers and was no longer only enjoyed by people from the immediate vicinity of the brewery. Brewing continues to this day at the old location in Purnode.

Export with consequences

Because Belgian beer has been experiencing a real upswing for some time and is also more popular abroad than ever before, the Brasserie Du Bocq also got into the export business and was able to almost double its production thanks to this clever move. The brewery's range is based on more than 150 years of brewing tradition and high standards of quality and taste. The award-winning Blanche de Namur is the flagship of the brasserie and, like all Du Bocq products, is made with a selection of exquisite raw materials. In typically Belgian fashion, the brews undergo a second fermentation after being bottled. This technique preserves the natural ingredients in a gentle way and creates an incomparably deep taste. Depending on the style, the beer should be served at a temperature of 4 to 12 degrees Celsius. Blanche de Namur is drunk at 4 degrees. The sediment is loosened with a slight swing of the bottle and poured over the rest of the beer in the glass.

Cheers, op uw gezondheit!

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Brasserie du Bocq
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