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Brauerei Stiegl

Who doesn't know them, the Salzburger Nockerln or the fine Mozartkugeln? Another cultural product of Salzburg has a tradition that is just as extensive as the two desserts mentioned. In addition, it is just as digestible after a hearty meal.

These are of course the delicious beers from the Stiegl brewery. Salzburg's oldest brewery still producing today has always stood for the sophisticated art of brewing and hand-picked raw materials. In keeping with the company logo, the Austrians have been climbing the ladder of success for years.

Mozart already drank Stiegl

The traditional Salzburg brewery has a rich company history that goes back to 1492. It was then that the brewery was first mentioned in a document and you could not only buy and drink beer there, but also stay overnight and dine. Almost 150 years later, Stiegl is already the brewery with the highest sales among Salzburg's twelve city breweries. The beer flows freely and attracts not only the citizens of Salzburg but also true celebrities: from his diary we can see that Mozart himself also appreciated the good beer from the Stiegl brewery and was a welcome guest in the brewery. The horrors of the early 19th century cannot affect the brewery's streak of success: on the contrary, Stiegl is modernizing, expanding and founding the Stieglkeller, where you can still sit comfortably and enjoy a beer today. After several changes of ownership, a devastating fire and the difficult years that followed, the brewery finally ends up in the possession of the Kiener family. Heinrich Kiener brings a breath of fresh air into the time-honored halls and ensures a renewed upswing with the latest technology. Two world wars come and go and take their toll, but after a short time the Stiegl brewery is flourishing again. To this day, Stiegl is in the hands of the Kiener family, who work with passion and heart for continued success.

Stiegl's commitment to the environment

Almost 30 kilometers north of Salzburg, the private brewery opened Austria's first beer estate. The hops? Only the best from the surrounding area. The malt? From our own cultivation. The brewing water? Of course, only the finest spring water from a deep well at the foot of the Untersberg. Only the finest for the excellent Stiegl Goldbräu . At Gut Wildshut, professional farmers ensure the cultivation of the best raw materials and are guided by the principles of ecological recycling management. An important goal in production is to give something back to nature: high-yield soils need nutrients and care. In addition to the classic types of grain, the Stiegler farmers also cultivate ancient ancient grains that ensure diversity and a wealth of insects. The ingredients grown and gathered with great care and sustainability are then processed according to the “slow brewing” concept: With expertise, traditional craftsmanship and a lot of time, hops, malt, yeast and water are turned into the excellent beer for which the Stiegl brewery already has has been known for hundreds of years.

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Kendlerstraße 1
5017 Salzburg

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phone +43 50 1492-0 +43 50 1492-0

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