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Bread Company

Baking is one of the hobbies that experienced an absolute boom during the Corona period. People who had previously avoided the kitchen armed themselves with aprons, whisks and kneaders in order to conquer unknown territory. Baking blogs are booming, Youtube is bursting at the seams thanks to countless baking videos and a fine smell of oven-fresh pastries wafts through the streets of the country. Apple pie, cinnamon buns and the like are a success for almost everyone after a few attempts, the real challenge is bread. The savior in tricky clay situations is Mattias Hagemann!

DIY bread

The native South African is not a baker or confectioner, but his bread is still excellent. And it could be yours too! All you need is one of the bread mixes designed by Mattias. The competition on the market is fierce, but the Bread Company's baking mixes have a unique selling point that sets them apart: Mattia's breads are a delicious combination of bread and beer! The great idea for this tasty combination did not come from the pen of the resourceful entrepreneur, but from his home country. In South Africa, beer bread is part of traditional cuisine and is served as a fine accompaniment to many dishes or as a snack. Thanks to its tangy flavor, the beer bread goes wonderfully with cheese, sausage, smoked ham and delicious liver sausage, but it also tastes good with a thick layer of butter, a little salt and a handful of chives. The highlight is that you can use your favorite beer for the baking mix and give the bread your very own twist. How about a smoked beer sandwich, for example? Or a bread that is refined with the strong flavors of a chocolate stout? The possibilities are endless!

From South Africa to Seulingen

When putting together his bread mixes, Mattias attaches great importance to the quality of the raw materials. The ingredients come from regional cultivation and from farmers and manufacturers around Seulingen that Mattias knows personally. Transparency and sustainability have top priority. This concept refers not only to the raw materials but also to the packaging of these: The bread mixes come in bags made of bio-plastic. This material is made from renewable resources such as sugar cane and is significantly more environmentally friendly than comparable products made from petroleum. The Bread Company currently has three different types of bread on offer: Italian herbs & garlic (also available with spelled flour ) conjure up holiday flair in your kitchen and taste great with prosciutto, mortadella and scamorza. The bruschetta baking mix is also Italian. The finished bread is an ingenious basis for bruschetta and crostini. The grain mix is a true all-rounder and, depending on the type of beer added, tastes good with all kinds of toppings and dishes.

All baking mixes are vegan and lactose-free.

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Bread Company Inh. Mattias Hagemann
Am Berge 36
37136 Seulingen

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