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Brutal Brewing

We've always wondered what brewers actually do in their free time. Do they cook or bake to train their delicate palates and expand their repertoire of taste buds? Do they run, bike or play football to stop the looming beer belly? Do they paint, make pottery or take photos to get their creative juices flowing, or do the hard-working men and women from the brewhouses have completely different things on their mind to relax from their daily work? We can't speak for all the brewers out there, but we know a small group whose enthusiasm and passion for good beer extends to their free time.

When brewers work together

As a rule, brewers cooperate with colleagues from other breweries in order to collaborate and gain new experiences. In the case of Brutal Brewing, the brewers didn't have to put out feelers that far, but found enthusiastic partners directly in-house. A team of brewers and other employees at the Swedish Spendrups brewery came together not to play a little ball or cards after work, but to brew their own beer after their day's work. In their free time and in addition to their main job, the beer-crazy men and women have set up the Brutal Brewing project and brew the finest beers after their regular working hours. As the craft beer movement slowly arrived in Sweden, more and more small microbreweries were founded, which enriched the Swedish market with craft beer specialties. The members of Brutal Brewing watched this development with bated breath and felt so inspired and moved that they wanted to be a part of it too. Together, some Hopheads from Spendrups came up with the idea of after-work brewing and the fun could begin.

With dedication and enthusiasm for success

While the Brutal Brewing team is made up of a diverse array of people from different areas of the brewery, the group shares a number of common beliefs. Every single member burns for good beer and has the aspiration to lead this life with joy and enjoyment. The community of Swedish hop lovers brews with creativity, awareness and the aim of making really good, tasty beer. Instead of competitive and performance pressure, there is fun in brewing and enthusiasm for your own beers - pure happiness that you can taste!

The small brewery was founded more than 10 years ago and today Brutal Brewing is one of Sweden's leading microbreweries. Get to know the exciting range of these crazy brewers here with us!

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Brutal Brewing
Box 3006
143 03 Varby

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