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Coopers Brewery Ltd.

Coopers Brewery is the largest brewery in Australia that is still run and run by Australians. The family company has owned the brewery for the sixth generation and is proud of the 150 years of brewing tradition that goes into its good beers. Rightly so, because beers like the Original Pale Ale are multi-layered taste miracles, from which you can literally taste the craft and expertise!

Family thing

When Thomas Cooper brewed his first beer in 1862, he had no evening drink in mind. Rather, he wanted to brew a fortifying drink for his wife, who had become ill. He used an old family recipe and brewed an ale that not only his wife liked. Friends and neighbors had heard of the good beer from Thomas' kitchen and wanted to try what he had mixed together. They were enthusiastic and soon no longer drank the beer for purely health-promoting purposes. As beer became more and more popular and friends and neighbors no longer just came to try Thomas' Ale, he decided to give the brewer's life a chance and turned his passion into a career. For more than 150 years the brewery has been passed on from hand to hand and with it the old recipes, brewing techniques and tricks. A particular specialty of the brewery is the old technology of storage. The finished brewed beer is filled into bottles and kegs and is given an additional portion of yeast, which then ensures a second fermentation and the unmistakable taste during storage.

A heart for Australia

The Coopers not only care about their own families, they also care about the well-being of the community. As a family business, they are aware of the needs and needs of families and want to support all those who need help. In order to give something back and strengthen the region, the Coopers founded the “Coopers Foundation”. This foundation aims to improve the lives of Australians and protect the quality of life by supporting charitable organizations. Based on Christian values, the Coopers invest money in medical research and health care, just as they are involved in youth work and look after the elderly. Foster and adoptive families are also favored by the foundation. Overall, it's about making Australia a better place to live and supporting local families. Since the foundation was founded in 2006, the Coopers have donated more than $ 4.6 million to nearly 200 charitable organizations, supporting more than 270 charitable projects.

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Coopers Brewery Ltd.
461 South Road
Regency Park
South Australia 5010

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phone +61 8 8440 1800 +61 8 8440 1800

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