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D9 Brewing Company

There are places that inspire us to have the best ideas through their individual magic. World-famous songs were written in the shower, groundbreaking inventions were created while their inventor was on a park bench, in a traffic jam or on the toilet, and Switzerland is considered the country that produces the most innovations and inventions. In the history of countless breweries, it is the garage that plays a key role: many brewers start their career at home in their own four walls. However, because kettles, pots and all sorts of other equipment take up a lot of space, many of these beginners opt for the garage. So did the founders of D9 Brewing Company.

From the garage to one of the largest breweries in the region

Andrew Durstewitz and a friend are behind the Huntersville company. In addition to their work as engineers, the two of them worked on their own beer in the garage. Despite poor equipment, the two successfully brewed a few brews until friends and acquaintances became aware of their creations and a need arose that the garage brewery could no longer meet. After six years of brewing, the duo moved into their first real brewery in 2014 and officially founded D9 Brewing. From then on, things went uphill: the first awards won catapulted the brewery into the public eye and demand rose steadily. Today, the empire includes 3 microbreweries, a large brewery and a distribution center and continues to grow every day. Beer-related events take place regularly at the various locations and you can test the latest creations in the taprooms.

To the culinary top with science

The hobbyhorse of the successful brewery is the combination of beer and science. There is a certain amount of research behind every single brew, but the team at D9 Brewing takes it to the extreme: they brew with everything nature has to offer. In detail, this means that the brewers, together with a team of scientists, try to capture wild microflora and use it to cultivate raw materials for their beer. Wild yeasts, for example, are found on the peels of fruits and can be used to ferment barley juice. The beer is clarified using a centrifuge and we are sure that Andrew and his people can think of a lot more ways to combine beer and science. The range presents us with modern IPAs, various ales and some award-winning sour beers.

If you're interested in experimental creations and unconventional brews, you should definitely check out this brewery! You can find some of their best brewing pieces in our range here.

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D9 Brewing Company
9815 Sam Furr Rd
Suite J #313
NC 28078 Huntersville

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  

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