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Estrella Damm is one of the old hands in the international beer market and should be known to everyone who likes beer or at least football. The Barcelona-based brewery has been the main sponsor of major sporting events on numerous occasions and is a regular guest during commercial breaks on international TV channels. Estrella Damm is an institution in the international beer market and, despite all its success, attaches importance to the protection and preservation of its Mediterranean home.

From star to star

Damm was founded in 1876 and began marketing Strasbourg beer with the symbol of a star. Within 45 years, this star developed from a simple symbol to a meaningful brand ("Golden Star"). Shortly before the start of the Second World War, the brewery already had 615 employees. In spite of the strong growth, several subsidiaries were set up with their headquarters in six different locations. This enabled Damm to expand further. In 1954 the time had finally come: Damm began to export the first beers to the USA. They started TV campaigns and also focused on sponsoring in sport. They sponsored no less than the 1982 World Cup and the Barcelona Olympic Games a decade later. Top clubs like FC Barcelona can also look forward to a contract with the brewery.

Not only athletes love the good beer that Damm produces. Beers like Daura Damm , which is even gluten-free, also taste good to beer connoisseurs who have not run a marathon before or have scored numerous goals.


Damm is a well-organized, large company that nevertheless attaches great importance to humanity. Employees, customers, investors and those involved in the company are always treated with the greatest respect and esteem. The goal of being Spain's leading group of companies in the beverage industry is achieved through sustainable and profitable company growth. Despite all the success of the Spanish company, it is important to protect their home and their environment. With projects and promotions, Damm draws attention to the beauty and need for protection of our nature. Regardless of whether Spain, Italy, Greece or Turkey - the Mediterranean region is a unique living space that absolutely must be preserved. Clear water, white sandy beach, rugged cliffs with sea birds and a lively biodiversity in the sea not only please us, but should also make our children and grandchildren happy.

Cheers to our nature and dams that have made it their business to protect them!

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S.A. Damm
Rosellón, 515
E-08025 Barcelona

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