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Das Freie Gutshof Brauerei

Brothers are nice: With brothers you can steal horses, you can play a little football or fight with them, you can compete against them and you have an outlet for excess energy. And even in adulthood, brothers are very useful, because you always have someone at your side you can rely on blindly. There are three brothers in the Digwa family and they work together.

Fraternally shared

The adventure began with Christoph and Stephan Digwa. The two made their first attempts at brewing more than ten years ago. Back then, they didn't have their own brewery, so they had to make do with their grandmother's stew pot. The first brews were created in the laundry room and the duo was hooked. After two years, the brothers had gained enough experience and recipes to take the leap into commercial brewing. They chose Gutshof Rethmar as the location for their first brewery. Because Stephan is a trained brewing engineer, they were able to assemble and set up the entire system themselves. In this way, they got to know their brewing system down to the smallest detail and were able to handle its peculiarities wonderfully right from the start. While construction work was still going on in the brewhouse, the brothers were already networking and landed valuable orders, which catapulted them onto the beer market with immediate effect. The brewing could begin and the third brother also got into the business!

The (tax) free

The unusual name of the Gutshofbrauerei goes back to the Middle Ages. At that time, the citizens and farmers of the region fought for their rights. One of the freedoms that was fought for was the right to brew tax-free. In the Great Outdoors, the area between Hanover, Hildesheim and Peine, brewing was allowed without paying taxes. Unfortunately, the brewery still has to pay taxes on its goods today, but the name stuck. Das Freie still swears by traditional craftsmanship and carries out every step from the choice of regional raw materials to bottling itself. The team knows all the suppliers and only uses the highest quality ingredients for their beer. In order to get the best out of the fruits of their homeland, every component is used according to the ecological cycle principle: After the brewing process, the spent grain serves as food for the lambs on the estate and is used as fertiliser, the yeast is used in the kitchen. With care, dedication and sustainability, the brewery has put together a wide range of special brews and today it is impossible to imagine the German beer market without them.

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Gutshof Rethmar Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Gutsstraße 16
31319 Sehnde

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