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The grandchildren still like to drink their grandfather's favorite beer and their great-grandfather already liked it too - there are breweries that connect generations. But there are also those who did not survive the generation change, but still rise again. The small Fürth brand Evora beer is a good example of this.

From brandy to beer

The brewery was first mentioned in 1841, but at that time no beer was brewed here, but brandy and spirits were distilled. The Fürth Johann Heinrich Lederer was the boss. The Evora & Meyer brewery was established in 1873. The carpenters Wilhelm Evora and Johann Jakob Meyer bought the bankrupt facility and brought it back to life. The business flourished and Evora & Meyer grew rapidly. The Evora beer was particularly popular in the beer cellar attached to the brewery. But the beer from Ecora & Meyer also enjoyed great popularity beyond the borders of Bavaria. At times there was even a branch in Berlin. The brewery blossomed into one of the largest breweries in the Kleeblattstadt until it was taken over by the Nuremberg Brewery. After the takeover, Evora beer was sold until 1941, before it eventually disappeared into the dusty pages of the history books.

Evora beer reloaded

Evora has officially existed again since May 2017. For the second time the brewery was lifted from the ashes like a phoenix and revived. Together with Bierothek® founder Christian Klemenz, Vincent Bartl, master brewer and former store manager of Bierothek® Fürth, developed the idea of reviving the Fürth original. It starts with a light export beer , which was realized on a larger scale together with master brewer and craft beer legend Jörg Binkert from Brauhaus Binkert . For the reinterpretation of the Evora export beer, Ariana hops were used for the first time. Due to the turbulent history of the brewery, there was little record of Evora beer original recipes. However, one knows which beers the brewery had in its program and one could understand how these beers were brewed at the time. Based on this, the new recipe was created with great care and attention to detail. Quasi a reconstruction of the old classics with a touch of artistic freedom. In order to build on the old days, an old technique was also used: During decoction, the mash is divided and only part of it is boiled. The division does not mean that the entire mash tun has to be heated. This process was already used in the Middle Ages and ensures a very special taste in beer.

Back to the classic with nostalgia - maybe this will be the renaissance of a Fürth beer great!

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