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Founders Brewing

The big question that drives people around the world to take courageous steps, innovations and changes is: "What if ...?". We think these magic words and a world of possibilities opens up in our head. The founders of the American brewery Founders also asked themselves this question and still use it today as a driving force for their flourishing company.

What if we started our own brewery?

Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers share a great passion for good beer. Long before the two decided to start their own brewery, the two of them enjoyed drinking beer. When they opened the gates to their own brewery, business started off well. After a year, the two ambitious founders were able to connect a taproom in which the fans of the Founders Brewing Co. could taste the beer. Mike and Dave personally stood behind the counter and tapped the freshly brewed beer. The slump followed a year later: sales slowly decreased and the taproom was also only sparsely visited. Mike and Dave kept themselves afloat with tips, there was hardly any real income. What the brewery lacked was an identity of its own. The beers had no character and were lost in the mass of American brews. When the landlord threatened to kick Mike and Dave out of the brewery and bar, the two finally took the initiative and made fundamental changes. Ultimately, Dave and Mike threw all restraint and caution overboard and did what they should have done from the start: They started brewing beers that they enjoy drinking themselves. Courage, taste and passion found their way and brought the long-awaited turnaround.

What if we brewed daring beers?

The desire for beers with a strong character and flavor lured Jeremy Kosmicki into the hallowed halls of Founders. The innovative brewer joined the company and brought a breath of fresh air and a lot of daring ideas with him. Dirty Bastard was the pioneer of all creative creations and heralded a new age. More and more elaborate beers followed, making founders a name in the beer business. From then on, the numbers exploded and Founders Brewing was barely able to meet the growing demand. The team and the brewery are growing steadily. In addition to outstanding beer, values such as diversity, equality and inclusion are important to the brewery. The brewery has also set up the organization “The Big Pitcher”, which actively supports public institutions and communities. With funds and support, events are set up, clubs are sponsored and art and culture are promoted.

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Logo: Founders Brewing

Founders Brewing Co.
235 Grandville Ave SW
Grand Rapids

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  

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