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Farm-to-Table is a concept that advocates the use of regionally grown raw materials in restaurants, canteens and other catering establishments. The movement has its roots in the early 2000s and is now as popular as ever. A number of undercurrents have now emerged, one of which can be found in the beer industry. Plow to Pint can be translated as from plow to beer glass and is the name of a project that the Fullstream brewery from Durham, North Carolina, launched.

From the field directly to the brewhouse

The company was founded in 2010 and has a clear mission: to support and promote the beer culture of the American South. The team has a great passion for the culinary and agricultural traditions of their homeland and wants to help the people who have dedicated their lives to maintaining them through their daily work. Agriculture doesn't have the reputation it deserves and the brewery wants to rekindle the pride and solidarity of the farming community. Where possible, the Fullstream team buys all the raw materials for their beer from local farmers. The malt grows in the sunny fields around Durham, the hops thrive in the region's lush gardens and special ingredients, such as the basil required for Southern Basil , are also grown locally. Beer by beer, the brewery advocates for positive change.

Optimistic, transparent and humble

A positive attitude is also one of Fullstream's three core values. Thinking like an optimist comes first. With confidence and optimism, the team manages to make courageous, courageous decisions day after day and support their community with full commitment. Truth and beauty are very important: With full transparency, the brewery shows that it stands behind its work one hundred percent and has nothing to hide. Raw materials and their origin are therefore always disclosed. Despite everything they do, the Fullstream family remains humble, even though they have a lot to be proud of. Your product range, for example. The brewery's range includes classics of modern American brewing, fine, seasonal delicacies and a number of limited specialties. Outstanding taste and regional ingredients are Fullstream's passion and give the team reason to do their best every day.

Immerse yourself in the south of North America and discover what skilled brewers can conjure up with the fruits of their homeland!

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