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Gamma Brewing Company

Beer connects, as the men and women of the craft beer scene prove day after day. In collaborations, brewers combine their concentrated knowledge and create sinfully good community brews, like-minded people meet at the regulars' table over a good beer to discuss world events, football or the latest scandal in town, and craft beer festivals attract crowds of connoisseurs who share their love indulge in fine barley juice. Sometimes something big comes out of this passion — This is what happened at the Gamma brewery.

From the tap to the brewhouse

The origins of the brewery lie in Copenhagen's young craft beer scene. All five founders worked there as bartenders in different bars and pubs. As is the case, the boys got to know each other in a roundabout way and decided to expand their enthusiasm for craft beer and from now on not only serve and drink it, but also brew it. Initially, the undertaking was still a small side project: the motivated young brewers bought a fermentation tank and moved into a brewing collective north of Copenhagen. The first cask of beer was made in Gørløse. As bartenders, the team was a specialist and knew what is important in a tasty brew. The debut work was created under the name Gamma and was distributed to local pubs. The opinion of the test audience was unanimous: the brew was a success and the brewing venture absolutely had to be continued. While all five founding members were still working full-time as bartenders, word of their beer spread and the small brewery continued to expand and expand, although it did not yet have its own brewery.

All for gamma

By 2019, the brewers were adding more and more systems to the brewing collective, and at some point they simply ran out of space. Their beer was now known and loved not only in Denmark but also in neighboring countries. In order to meet the great demand, Gamma looked around for their own four walls in 2019 and struck gold in the early 2020s. But then Corona came and seriously shook the confidence of the brewers. What the team didn't expect was the overwhelming support from their fans and friends. In a joint effort, enough money was raised to make the brewery come true. At the beginning of 2021, their own brewery in Herlev was ready and the fun could begin. Today, the boys have a stable range of the finest craft beers and, in addition to the brewery, run a tasting room with an adjoining shop. On their tours you can experience the brewing process live and let yourself be infected by the joy of the brewers. Incidentally, they all gave up their full-time jobs as bartenders.

Logo: Gamma Brewing Company

Gamma Brewing Company
Smedeholm 18
2730 Herlev

location_on Dänemark mit Färöer und Grönland (DK)  

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