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Hanscraft & Co.

What do teeth and beer have in common? Christian! Christian Hans Müller, the head and heart behind Hanscraft & Co. is actually not a brewer but a dentist. At least he used to be, because now he's a full-blooded brewer.

Concept beer

Beer in a club is nothing new, but beer in a fine restaurant is. In addition to the club world, Christian also wants to conquer the luxury temples with Hanscraft & Co. As a passionate beer drinker and connoisseur, Christian wants to make beers that can be enjoyed not only with steak from the grill but also with fillet in the starred restaurant. Refined, multi-layered beers with high standards and quality, that is the goal. That, and beers you can drink in the disco. Gone are the days when you worked on a hangover while dancing with a bad beer, now there is Hanscraft & Co.! But Christian not only brews excellent beer, he also spreads the word about good beer and the knowledge about the intricacies of craft beer. In his academy he offers beer tastings, tasting dinners and brewing courses, which are intended to bring the material closer to the passionate beer drinker. The man burns for beer, that can't be denied.

Craft as a philosophy of life

That craft beer is not a term that Christian would use lightly becomes clear when you listen to the career changer philosophizing about his beer and the selection of ingredients for it. Christian talks about the craft of hops with great enthusiasm and passion - you can tell that Christian is serious about brewing beer and places the highest demands on himself. As a small, independent brewer, Christian wants to be honest and transparent. Only in this way, he says, can he guarantee his customers the best beer. And the beer from Hanscraft & Co. is truly a best seller on the craft beer market: Christian has made a name for himself in the craft beer scene, and one or the other, with beers such as the Backbone Splitter or the Black Nizza Imperial Stout Award won. No wonder, after all, Christian, who taught himself how to brew, only uses the very best ingredients. The raw materials are the basis and the most important guarantee for his excellent beer.

“For us, craft beer is not a product, but a philosophy, lived by small, independent and artisanal breweries that focus on creativity, experimentation and the love of raw materials and consider a great, worldwide brewing tradition as inspiration. That shows what beer can be capable of, ”says Christian.

Logo: Hanscraft & Co.

Würzburger Str. 152
63743 Aschaffenburg

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone +49 6021 580 89 9-0 +49 6021 580 89 9-0

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Bayerisch Nizza Clubbier
€ 2,80
Hanscraft & Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 8,48 / ltr
Backbone Splitter
€ 2,90
Hanscraft & Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 8,79 / ltr
€ 2,70
Hanscraft & Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 8,18 / ltr
Vintage 2019
€ 4,50
Hanscraft & Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 13,64 / ltr
€ 2,90
Hanscraft & Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 8,79 / ltr
Black Nizza Imperial Stout
€ 3,60
Hanscraft & Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 10,91 / ltr
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