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Hausbrauerei Pfefferlechner

Beer and alcohol consumption have gone hand in hand for centuries. The brewing process triggers the production of alcohol and for a long time no one objected. Women, men, pregnant women, children, the elderly, the sick and the healthy — everyone drank alcohol, and often in the morning. Because the water quality was extremely questionable in the Middle Ages, beer was used to avoid poisoning yourself and your loved ones. Although there was water in the barley juice, most bacteria and pests could be destroyed by boiling. In the course of the last few decades, change came: Health became more and more the focus and people questioned their need for alcohol.

Enjoyment without regrets and consequences

Maria-Elisabeth Laimer is one of these people. Like most of us, the South Tyrolean enjoyed beer, wine and spirits in her everyday life. The end of the day is nicer when you start it off with a beer, the fire crackles even more comfortably when you drink a glass of red wine, you climb the highest peaks more exhilarated when a beer is waiting for you on the alpine pasture and a fine schnapps crowns the fine food or a deal. Maria didn't want to miss any of these little celebrations of everyday life, but her health weighed on her conscience. Motivated by this dilemma, she founded FREEDL, Italy's very first family brewery that made non-alcoholic beers its passion. In a mental tour de force, she separated pleasure and alcohol from one another and began developing non-alcoholic beers that are just as celebratory, rewarding and satisfying as their alcoholic counterparts.

Dedication in every step

Maria and her team went back to their roots in order to set their non-alcoholic brews apart from the mishmash of industrially produced variants. As South Tyroleans, you live right between the Alps and the Mediterranean south - two worlds that are connected by a love for high-quality cuisine. This is exactly where FREEDL comes in and brews craft beer that combines the brewing tradition of South Tyrol with the joie de vivre of Italy. For outstanding results, Maria brought a group of master brewers and beer experts to her side and developed her very own production process together with them. On the basis of pure nature, the finest raw materials are processed into wonderful beer. All creations are regional and are brewed with crystal-clear water from a South Tyrolean spring.

If you are fed up with headaches, heavy legs and exhaustion the day after, you should take a closer look at the creations from FREEDL. Let yourself be won over by the abundance and taste of South Tyrol!

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