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I Lecci Della Torre

I Lecci Della Torre produces delicacies based on Italian recipes and presents the land of sensual pleasures in a delicious way.

Cockaigne Italy

The landscape alone is a feast for the eyes with its varied flora and fauna, the deep blue sea, lush green olive groves, citrus gardens, cypress groves, gentle hills, steep peaks, flower meadows and barren stone deserts. Of course, the ears also get their money’s worth: flocks of swallows twitter across the country and tell of their adventures all over the world, the sea breaks in thundering waves over the rocky coasts, melancholic singing fills the air in small alleys and streets, the language sounds like a passionate poem and the preparation of coffee in portafilter machines with their own grinder is a little song in itself. The latter also pleases the nose. The scent of freshly ground coffee beans mixes with the olfactory siren song from Nonna's kitchen, the sun-kissed aroma of ripe citrus fruits, the resinous notes of the majestic cypress trees and the salty sea breeze. A feast for all the senses, which finds its crowning highlight in the culinary art. Hardly any other country is as famous for its cuisine as Italy. People make pilgrimages from near and far to the boot to expose themselves to the heavenly pleasures there. The Italians know how to prepare the most grandiose meals from the simple fruits of their country. Good olive oil, flour and durum wheat semolina, tomatoes, olives, fish, meat and seafood are the basis of most dishes and are artfully processed into a variety of delicious works of art.

Pastries based on grandma's example

Some of these culinary works of art are by I Lecci Della Torre. The manufactory has a colorful assortment of small delicacies on offer, which are made according to the recipes of their grandmothers. The traditional pastries come from different regions of Italy and are baked by hand from the finest ingredients. The company strictly adheres to the guidelines of its ancestors and does not use artificial additives and preservatives. Their products are authentically Italian.Taralli, for example, are small rings of flour, olive oil, salt and white wine that have been baked by Italy's bakers for centuries. The specialty comes from Apulia and is served there with an aperitif. The crispy pastry has a long shelf life and tastes great with a well-chilled beer. We serve the taralli with thinly sliced Parma ham, green olives, a bowl of the finest olive oil for dipping and some Grana Padano. Thanks to the beautiful packaging, the pastries from I Lecci Della Torre are also ideal as gifts. The labels feature hand-painted illustrations that take a humorous look at the Italians.

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I Guinigi Lucca S.r.l.
Via dell’Artigianato 14
06083 Bastia Umbra

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