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Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei

Bamberg is a real beer city: The liquid gold accompanies the numerous festivities throughout the calendar year, you drink it at any time of the day and year, you can find it on every corner in the city and the surrounding region and most Bambergers have a little weakness for it . The city's beer culture goes back almost a millennium and accompanied the citizens of Bamberg through ups and downs, wars and weddings. At peak times, the cathedral city was home to almost 40 breweries, today there are still a little more than a dozen, and almost every village in the surrounding area has its own brewing town. The largest of Bamberg's inner-city breweries is the specialty brewery Kaiserdom.

In family hands for more than 100 years

The traditional brewery dates back to 1718. Around 100 years ago, the brewery came into the hands of the Wörner family and is still run by them today. Felix Wörner currently represents the fourth generation of his family. Under his leadership, a new low-energy brewhouse was built in 2018, which went into operation a year later. The young brewery boss also dared to make the leap into the present with an innovative technology for dealcoholization of conventionally brewed beer and with the installation of a CO2 recovery system. Protecting the environment is just as important to the Wörners as their beer. The production is set up to save water and energy, the electricity for the brewery comes from alternative energy sources. All raw materials are sourced from farmers in the region: the hops grow in the sun-drenched Hallertau, the yeast is cultivated in Bamberg, the water is extracted from the brewery's own deep well and the malt comes from local farmers. These hand-picked raw materials make the good beer from Kaiserdom what it is.

At home in the world

Reconciling innovation and tradition is a challenge that all breweries have to face. Kaiserdom manages this balancing act by combining the tried and tested craftsmanship of their homeland with fresh ideas. The Franconian brewing trade has been passed on from generation to generation and every master brewer has added the innovations of his time. In addition to environmental protection, exports are a hobby of the youngest generation: In order to spread the word about the wonderful Bamberg beer around the world, the brewery has specialized in sales abroad. Their success is evidenced by their brews, which can be found on beer shelves even in faraway Asia, and the awards that the brewery has received with its creations at renowned competitions.

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Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei GmbH Bamberg
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96049 Bamberg

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