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The Leikeim brewery is an institution in Franconia and stands for local beer with a Franconian character and a whole lot of taste.

Five generations of beer knowledge

With Andreas and Ulrich Leikeim, the family is now represented in the fifth generation at the head of the brewery. But the Leikeims are not only responsible for running the company, they have their fingers in the game everywhere: from the selection of handpicked ingredients to the brewing process and filling into the ever popular flip-top bottle, the Leikeim family values transparency and ensures excellence in everyone Step. Johann Leikeim is the forefather of the brewery. The master butcher and landlord founded the brewery in 1887 and supplied Altenkunstadt and the surrounding area with excellent beer. His children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren gradually followed in his footsteps and ensure the continuation of his dream with commitment and passion.

From franc for franc

The beer from the Leikeim house boasts with its genuine Franconian character: As native Franconians, the members of the Leikeim family know how a Franconian beer should taste and keep this standard high at all times. A sip of your beer should give the beer connoisseur a feeling of home, no matter where he is. But there is more to the philosophy of the family company. As a company with almost 135 years of history, tradition is a factor that needs to be cultivated and lived. The Leikeims are proud of their family tradition and the long history of brewing. This treasure trove of experience and the passion that is passed on from generation to generation are the basis of the family business. A common goal connects. The Leikeims are also committed to the uncompromising art of brewing: There are no compromises when it comes to the taste and quality of the raw materials, which is why the family attaches great importance to local ingredients and social commitment. The Leikeims stand up for the protection of the environment with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Resources are used sustainably and raw materials are obtained from regional farmers as far as possible. Leikeim supports the cultural life of her homeland with social commitment and financial aid in the field of sport.

Leikeim is a holistic family company that produces excellent beers and is happy to support Franconia.

Brauhaus Altenkunstadt Andreas Leikeim GmbH & Co KG
Gewerbegebiet 4
96264 Altenkunstadt

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 09572 / 7505-0 09572 / 7505-0

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