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Les Intenables

Hyperactivity is a plague that leaves you restless, antsy, and unfocused. What can help is finding an outlet for the excess of lively energy. The team at French microbrewery Les Intenables took the power of five energetic people and bundled them into a grandiose brewing project. Brilliant and absolutely untamable.

Les Intenables: The defiant five

What sounds like a gang of invincible superheroes is a clique of friends who share a common passion: beer. Coming from all corners of the beer industry, Jérôme, Alice, Gaëtan, JR and Julien were brewers, food engineers, bartenders and entrepreneurs before starting their own label. What they shared was a love of barley juice and an unflagging enthusiasm for great ideas. After they realized over a beer together that they bring a lot of know-how, expertise and experience to the table, the wild 5 decided to set up their own brewery. The brewers in the team provide the necessary brewing knowledge, the bartenders not only know the darkest secrets of their customers but also their beer preferences and the entrepreneur juggles the economic parts of the venture. Today, the friends run their own microbrewery and live out their passion for good beer by brewing it.

Beer from restless brewers

The name of the brewery goes back to a common characteristic of the five friends: all of them have a great euphoria for the good life and have a tendency to be tireless and unsustainable. Once they're fired up for an idea, there's no stopping them and every single thought in their heads revolves around their idea. This style is the perfect basis for a brewery: In order to brew innovative, creative and contemporary beer, you have to have your finger on the pulse, you have to want to delve deep into the subject of beer and experiment until you has the desired result. Obsessive hits aren't always pleasant, as a brewer they're almost essential. Our five Intenables use their sparkling energy and penchant for obsession to brew a small but fine selection of excellent beers. You won't find Pilsner, wheat beer or cellar beer here, instead Jérôme and Alice prefer to brew hopped India Pale Ales, fruit bombs and unusual examples. The beer from Alsace should sweep you away, knock you off your stool and inspire you.

Les Intenables — unbearably good!

Logo: Les Intenables

Les Intenables - Craft Beer
8 rue Jean Marie Lehn, batiment 6
67560 Rosheim

location_on Frankreich (ohne Französische Überseegebiete) (FR)  

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