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Liberty Craft Brewery

When Russia invaded Ukraine last year, a wave of horror swept through Europe. Countless Ukrainians suddenly lost their homes, jobs, families and livelihoods. Chaos and terror set in and many were forced to flee.rn

Brewers on the run

The Rozdobudko family is one of the people uprooted by the war in Ukraine. From one day to the next, Maryna, her husband Boris and their two sons Daniel and Jan had to leave their home and everything they held dear. They could only take what fit in their car. In contrast to many others, the two were lucky in their misfortune: a friend of Maryna's sister lives in Schwabsoien, Bavaria, and she welcomed the family with open arms. In order to arrive quickly in their temporary homeland, the Rozdobudkos immediately set about learning German and looking for a job. The couple comes from the brewing industry and started right there. However, instead of getting hired at an established brewery, the two threw themselves headlong into the adventure of founding a company. Both had gained enough experience in their previous jobs to dare the experiment. Because their own brewing system was initially not financially possible, they looked for a brewery with free capacities. This practice is quite common, especially in the field of craft beer, and is called cuckoo brewing: young brewers rent rooms from colleagues to save the cost of purchasing a brewing system and also to occasionally get help and advice from more experienced people obtain from the industry. Maryna and Boris struck lucky in their search for these people. The Holzhausener brewery is run by an owner with a Ukrainian background, who gladly invited the couple into his hallowed halls. With the hook behind the necessary organizational and bureaucratic tasks, the fun could finally begin.rn

Sweet! rn

However, the two of them are far from having an easy time: their range, which has only included two beers so far, is characterized by the taste of the Ukrainians and is very contrary to what is usually drunk in Bavaria. The local taste is tart and bitter, Boris and Maryna's brews are fruity and a lot sweeter. Fresh fruit and other exquisite raw materials mix up Liberty Craft Beers with otherwise classic recipes. They capture the zeitgeist wonderfully, because in the world of craft beer there has long been more than just tart and bitter. Now it's just a matter of convincing Bayern! rn

Liberty Craft Brewery
Schönachstrasse 2
86987 Schwabsoien

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