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Monyo Brewing Co.

Hungary's capital attracts countless tourists every year with its attractions: the magnificent parliament building is waiting to be visited, the Gellért baths invite you to swim in a princely atmosphere, the promenade on the Danube is the perfect place for an evening stroll with a view of the city, parks, museums , Flea markets and cafes welcome you with charm and character. Budapest only had some catching up to do when it came to beer, but that changed in the last ten years with the rise of the craft beer movement: Large industrial breweries shaped the Hungarian beer market before young craft brewers brought a breath of fresh air and a whole range of new styles to the beer glass. The Budapest brewery Monyo is one of the country's craft beer pioneers and has long since ceased to supply Hungarians only with their creative, flavor-intensive and artisanal beers.

Bar owner is looking for a brewer

In contrast to many craft brewers who add a taproom or a pub to their brewery after a while, Ádám has bridled the horse from behind. The bar owner was tired of serving boring, bland beer to his customers and was about to brew his own beer. The only problem: Ádám was and is not a brewer. Even if the pub boss was very knowledgeable about beer, he still lacked the practical knowledge to brew a work of art from hops, malt, yeast and water. He began looking for a like-minded brewer and came across Anti Németh. At that time, this was already considered a legend among Budapest's beer connoisseurs and had made a name for himself in the scene with refined beers from his homebrewery.

From zero to one hundred in less than 5 years

At that time, Anti had already had a turbulent path: The beer-loving hobby brewer started his first brewing attempts at home in the kitchen and brewed his way into glasses and hearts of the whole city. Soon the word about his brewing art got around and Anti was faced with a choice. Would he continue to do his well-paid job as a university lecturer and only devote his scant free time to beer or would he give brewing a real chance? The Hophead followed his heart and founded an illegal underground brewery, from which he supplied the city with fabulous beer from then on. Until Ádám came into his life and put a dazzling end to his existence as an underdog: The two beer friends clicked immediately and the common path to their own label could begin. Within half a year, the two had overcome all hurdles and the brewing could begin. Monyo has been around for more than five years now and both the team and the number of bars have multiplied.

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Monyo Brewing Co.
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1106 Budapest

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