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Bierbrand is a liquor distilled from fresh beer. The noble drop is the perfect complement to your favorite beer and wonderfully rounds off a beer-loving evening with a plus in the number of revolutions. The spirit, which is also known as Eau de Vie de Bière, has an average alcohol content of at least 38.0% and thus brings many times more to the table than the average bottle of beer. As far as the taste is concerned, however, beer and beer brandy are a lot more similar: Since the distillate is obtained from beer, it is the quintessence of it, so to speak. The people at Maische4 are real experts when it comes to beer brandy.

Schnapps made from beer, I praise that!

The resourceful people from Munich founded the Mumoo brand and have been producing the most wonderful beer brandy since 2015. The name of the distillery is made up of its homeland and the product: Munich Moonshine became Mumoo. The distiller's specialty is a spirit made from single malt beer that's been finished with lots of hops. The distillates are available in the White Edition and the Black Edition . The former has a gentle 40.0% vol., the black version comes with a whopping 51.0% alcohol content. The basis for both brandies is beer from Bavaria, which is brewed according to the strict rules of the Bavarian Purity Law and distilled in a complex process into a tasty beer brandy. At the end of the process there is a product that delights with wonderful hop notes and a delicate malt sweetness.

Design and taste to the point

The exquisite drink is given its finishing touch by being filled into very special bottles. For their heart project, the makers of Mumoo looked for a ceramist who would produce bottles based on their design that would do justice to the fine wine inside. The ceramic vessels impress with their minimalist design and the clear, concise line. The sturdy body has been decorated with a series of circular indentations, and the slender neck elegantly completes the shape. Completely black and white, the bottle represents the no-frills concept of the product — no frills, just the spirit of the finest beer.

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