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Nikl Bräu

Mike Schmitt, an ambitious, native, down-to-earth brewer, stands behind the Nikl Bräu. But as we know, behind every successful man there is a strong woman. There are three power women behind Mike: his wife Alexandra, mother and mother-in-law keep Mike's back free and ensure that the guests of the Nikl Brewery are served not only excellent beer, but also delicious Franconian specialties.

Pretzfeld beer ambassadors

The Schmitts from Pretzfeld revived a very special tradition in 2019: home brewing. In the past, the farmers who supplied the brewer with raw materials could buy their beer at a reduced rate and directly from the fermentation tank. They filled the beer in their own kegs and stored it at home. So they were free to influence the taste and carbon dioxide content themselves. Mike Schmitt now wants to reestablish this tradition and inspires beer fans from near and far. From now on you can meet every first Friday of the month at the Nikl Bräu, drink a cozy beer and at the end you can take your own barrel of beer with you, which can then be stored as you wish. But Mike Schmitt is not only reviving this tradition: After the beer war with neighboring Ebermannstadt broke out in 1510 and this community determined who got the right to brew and who did not, things looked pretty meager in Pretzfeld for a long time when it came to beer. Now, in addition to the well-known Pretzfeld fruit juice, there is also Pretzfeld beer again. Not only do the Pretzfelder celebrate their Mike as an ambassador of tradition and region, we also celebrate the ambitious brewer for his commitment. And for the excellent beer that the hop artist apparently brews on the side. Mike brews classics such as his light lager or his dark Michala cellar beer with perfect craftsmanship. But experiments are also being carried out in Franconian Switzerland. This creates favorites such as the Old Django or his Village Bock.

The Nikl-Hans

The name Nikl-Bräu goes back to the ancestors of Mike Mrs. Alexandra. Her great-grandfather was only called Nikl-Hans in Pretzfeld, his father in turn was Nikl-Karl for everyone. The first Nikl in the series and ultimately namesake was the grandfather of Alexandra's great-grandfather: his first name was Nikolaus and was the first Nikl to whom the names of his sons and grandchildren were then attached. Our favorite is the Nikl-Mike, even if we are not sure whether that is actually a thing in Pretzfeld. What is certain, however, are the awards Mike has already received for his beer. The excellent quality of his beers has been rewarded with a gold medal and numerous other prizes.

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Logo: Nikl Bräu

Brauerei Nikl
Egloffsteiner Straße 19
91362 Pretzfeld

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 09194 - 725025 09194 - 725025

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Nikl Weiße Eule
€ 1,90
Nikl Bräu 0,50 l bottle — € 3,80 / ltr
Lagerbier Hell
€ 2,30
Nikl Bräu 0,50 l bottle — € 4,60 / ltr
Too popular
Old Django
€ 14,90
Nikl Bräu 0,75 l bottle — € 19,87 / ltr
Too popular
The Village Bock
€ 14,90
Nikl Bräu 0,75 l bottle — € 19,87 / ltr
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