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If a brewery specializes in a single beer, it has to be a particularly good beer. The Franconian label Nürnbier is one of these breweries and has brought out a beer that we would like to describe as a real specialty. The team behind Nürnbier put a lot of time, love and passion into the recipe for their baby. The result is a real Franconian beer with a modern twist.

Local flavor to drink

After Munich, Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria. The Franconian metropolis is home to more than half a million people and an attraction for countless tourists. Sights like the Imperial Castle, the Lorenz Church and the Nuremberg Zoo make up a large part of the charm. But the Christmas market, which takes place every year during Advent, also attracts people. In addition to the sights, the picturesque old town invites you to stroll and linger. If you are looking for something hearty after a long walk through the city and the climb to the castle, you are also in good hands in Nuremberg: Drei im Weckla is the name of the specialty for which Nuremberg is known far beyond the borders of Franconia. Three small grilled sausages in a caraway roll satisfy the hunger of tourists and locals alike. The three guys from Nürnbier have come up with a liquid equivalent to the Nürnberger Bratwurst: Drei im Seidla is a cold-hopped lager beer that goes perfectly with the bratwurst with marjoram. But even without sausage, the beer tastes great!

The magic three

Steffen Rohnalter, Sebastian Hinz and Patrick Böhm form the illustrious team behind the Nürnbier label. The three friends add a genuine Franconian original to Nuremberg's beer landscape. The highlight of their beer is the name Drei im Seidla, which is based on the Nuremberg specialty Drei im Weckla. But there is more to the name: The guys have woven a whole concept around the number three. Three friends are responsible for the project. The three hop varieties Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertauer Blanc and Polaris were used for brewing and cold hops. There are also three different malts, namely Carapils, Viennese and Pilsner malts, in beer. Three times three in Seidla, so to speak. We are excited!

If you want to try the original Nuremberg specialty on site, you can simply stop by the Bierothek® Nuremberg . Otherwise you can simply order the lager here in the online shop!

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