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Paulaner München

The Munich brewery Paulaner is known worldwide. On the one hand, this is due to their annual participation in the Oktoberfest and, on the other hand, to the fact that they brew wonderful beer that not only pleases the Bavarian palate. Incidentally, to spread the word about the Wiesn and beer in beer mugs, the brewery organizes Oktoberfest festivals throughout Europe and even South America — hearty Bavarian cuisine, brass band music and traditional costumes included!

Success despite competition and war

The lively history of the Paulaner brewery goes back to the 16th century: At that time, the monks of the Neudeck monastery above the Au stood at the brewing kettle and produced the finest beer for their own use. The surplus was given away to the needy or tapped in the monastery tavern. Because the monks' beer was so well received, they aroused the competitiveness of Munich brewers and a complaint was filed against them with the city. The charges went unheeded and the monks were able to continue brewing, much to the annoyance of their comrades-in-arms. The name of the brewery is derived from the religious order of the clergy: the Neudeck abbey on the Au was inhabited by the Paulaner monks. The beer that finally gave the monks the official liquor license was called Paulaner beer and was a strong strong beer. As thanks for the approval, the elector and his wife were invited to tap the first barrel. This tradition has lasted to this day, even if it is no longer the Elector but the Bavarian Prime Minister who is invited. Brother Barnabas, whose recipes are still used as the basis for the tasty beer creations, ensured a significant increase in quality and taste. The brewers culminated in their work in 1818 when they were one of the first breweries to be granted a brewery license for the Oktoberfest. The brewery was largely destroyed during the horrors of World War II, but the tireless team worked day and night so that operations could be fully resumed in 1950. This zest for action is still a leitmotif of work at Paulaner Munich.

Brewers with good ideas

The brewery showed its desire for innovation at various points in its history: Shortly after its invention, the first ice machine from Carl von Linde was in the brewery and in 1986 Paulaner brewed the world's first non-alcoholic wheat beer. And the brewers also demonstrate inventive talent at the Wiesn. Their beer tent is the first ever to have a central beer supply. The beer is distributed via a ring main in the floor. This technology can now be found in many tents, but it came from the pen of Paulaner. In addition to the Oktoberfest, the brewery also cares about sports. Paulaner and FC Bayern Munich have been partners for years and celebrate their successes together.

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