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Prancing Pony Brewery

If you thought that ponies are not for men, you haven't met this one yet. The Prancing Pony from Adelaide is not a horse with legs that are too short, but a seasoned brewery.

Kitchen, barn, brewery

At the beginning of this story there was a little mishap. One fateful day, homebrewer Frank boiled over a brew. He wasn't in his brewery (it didn't even exist then), but in his wife's kitchen. Corinna was not enthusiastic about the mess that Frank had made there and threw her godly husband out of her kitchen without further ado. The bruised brewer had to move into the barn with sack, pack and brewing pan and continue his brewing project there. Fortunately, Frank is not resentful and has not let himself be discouraged by the expulsion. He brewed even more beer in the spacious shed than before and continued to delight friends, family and relatives with his creations. While sticking the labels, the enthusiastic beer fan daydreamed of his own brewery and already had a name: Prancing Pony Brewery should be his baby's name, he knew that even then. While enjoying Frank's beers, everyone else came to the conclusion that Frank absolutely had to share his beer with the world. The idea for the brewery was born and then it started.

Beer with values and no frills

Frank pitched his tents in Adelaide and opened his first own brewery in 2012. Two years later, the Prancing Pony Brewery was bursting at the seams and Frank had to move again. Now you can find Frank and his ponies in Totness, a small town southeast of Adelaide. At the new location, Frank was able to really expand and expand his team of motivated and beer-loving ponies. The brewery attaches great importance to community and prides itself on being an independent, family-oriented company. For Frank, honesty, transparency and integrity are just as much a part of good beer as qualitative raw materials and sophisticated recipes. When it comes to his choice of ingredients, Frank is a traditionalist: he doesn't get rid of wacky ingredients, he relies on the power of hops, malt and yeast. His beers get that little bit extra from special hops, unusual malts or one or the other innovative brewing technique. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, the classic approach, Frank and the ponies have already won over countless jurors in international competitions and won prestigious prizes around the world. It doesn't always have to be a beer with raspberries, cucumber or cocoa chips.

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42 Mt Barker Road
SA 5250 Totness

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