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Rodinný pivovar Zichovec

The Czech Republic is known for its excellent beer. The country southeast of Germany is proud of its centuries-old beer culture and rich brewing tradition. For a long time the Czech beer market was dominated by long-established breweries, but the craft beer movement has also brought a breath of fresh air to the glass here: Young breweries with innovative ideas and creative beers are establishing themselves more and more. The family brewery Zichovec definitely belongs to the category of modern breweries and not only brings delicious, handcrafted beer specialties to the Czech Republic.

From crazy idea to success story

The founding of the micro-brewery goes back to a sudden idea from Ivan Husák. The young Czech had a flash of inspiration in 2010 and set himself up with his own brewery. His family smiled at the ludicrous plan, his brother only gave the idea a fraternal head nut. But Ivan was not deterred by the lack of enthusiasm of his relatives and pursued his plan with zeal and a lot of heart and soul. Only two years later, the small town of Zichovec in the northwest of Prague became both home and namesake of the brand new brewery. The village was undergoing a general overhaul at this time, so a brewery came in handy. In addition to Pivovar Zichovec's holy halls, a new town hall, a restaurant, a grocery store were built and the church was also given a new coat of paint. The close connection between the brewery and its hometown was inevitable and can be recognized, among other things, in the brewery's branding: bottles and cans adorn labels in the form of the small Zichovec chapel. With a patriotic design and a brand new brewery, the brewing could begin.

Diverse out of passion

After the brewery initially specialized in bottom-fermented beers, new creations were gradually added. In 2015, for example, the first barrel-aged beer was created: the brewery bought a port wine barrel that had just been emptied with a small amount of the deep red specialty and experimented with it. The result was so convincing that since then more than 100 kegs have been filled with a wide variety of beers. The brewery, which was initially small, outgrew the first building very quickly and moved to neighboring Louny. Ivan's sons Ondřey and Jan also took over the management of the brewery and expanded the range to include a whole range of creative beer specialties. To bring their delicious beer to the thirsty people, a bus was purchased in 2017: an old city bus was quickly converted into a moving pub and has been curving from festival to festival ever since. Rodinny Pivovar Zichovec lives her love for beer and spreads her passion with every bottle and can.

The brewery stands for a respectful approach to the venerable brewing trade, modesty, great enthusiasm for experimentation and a little bit of craziness - the perfect recipe for particularly good beer!

Logo: Rodinný pivovar Zichovec

Zichovecká s.r.o
ul. 5. května 2789
44001 Louny

location_on Tschechien (CZ)  
phone +420 607 081 361 +420 607 081 361

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