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Samuel Adams

Brewing the American Dream - The American brewery Samuel Adams not only brews its own American Dream, but also helps young companies to live their very own dream. They provide start-ups with advice, support and financial support and promote American entrepreneurship. Samuel Adams attaches great importance to American tradition and is a brewery that both brews good beer and shows commitment to its homeland and its people.

Beer love

The founder of the Jim Koch brewery is a true beer lover. He founded his brewery out of passion and is still involved with it today with hand and heart. Legend has it that Jim tastes each batch of Boston Lager himself before it is bottled and sold. A closer-knit quality control is hardly possible! And freshness is also important here. As one of the very first breweries, Samuel Adams has printed a best-before date on its labels in order to offer the end customer the greatest possible transparency. Even the kegs can be clearly traced, so that every customer can ask how fresh their beer is exactly. So that the beer does not simply end up in the drain after the expiry date, the employees at Samuel Adams take care that “old” beer is bought back and sent to a beer recycling facility.

Make beer great again

The story of this brewery begins with Jim Koch, a passionate beer drinker who brewed his first beer at home in the kitchen. He used an old recipe from his great-grandfather that he found in his father's attic in the 1980s. Between the achievements of bygone days, dusty furniture and old newspapers, he found a real treasure and at the same time started brewing. The motivation for his project was the belief that the American beer lover deserved something better than the mass-produced pulp that was currently served to a large part. His homebrew turned into a real brewery. Independence, craftsmanship and American tradition were still important to Koch and became basic principles of his company. Every working day is characterized by the constant striving to get better. In order to meet the wishes and needs of modern beer drinkers, the recipes are fine-tuned and new recipes are tinkered with every day.

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The Boston Beer Company
30 Germania St.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA 02116

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