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Schneider Weisse

Everyone who has set foot in Bavaria knows the Münchner Schneider Weisse. As the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria, the Weisse Brauhaus is an institution in the German beer landscape and, with numerous breweries, the Schneider Weisse is omnipresent in Bavaria's capital and beyond.

An eventful history

The history of the Schneider is closely interwoven with the history of wheat beer in Germany. In the seventeenth century, wheat beer was something very special: wheat beer is the drink of the nobility and the higher social classes. Anyone who was self-conscious and wanted to at least imitate the standard of living of the rich and famous tried to get the coveted wheat beer. However, it was not that easy: Up until now only one family in Bavaria had the right to brew wheat beer. However, that changed with Duke Maximilian I, who received the right to brew wheat beer through an inheritance. Of course, the prince did not swing the mash paddle himself. In view of the tempting sums of money that could be earned with wheat beer, he founded numerous wheat beer breweries instead. In 1872 the success of bottom-fermented beer was so great that even large breweries such as the "Königlich Weisse Hofbräuhaus" thought about not producing wheat beer anymore had passed its zenith for the time being. Since Georg I. Schneider never lost faith in top-fermented wheat beer, he negotiated with the Bavarian Hofbräuamt and was ultimately the first commoner to get the right to brew wheat beer. This started the age of the Schneider family.

Family ties

By chance, the closed brewery "Zum Maderbräu" in Munich was for sale at the same time. Georg I immediately struck and started brewing wheat beer again with his son. That was the hour of birth of Schneider Weisse. One can only speak of luck that the brewery and its recipes remained family-owned when father and son died that same year. George III Schneider took over the brewery at the age of 20 and demonstrated his sensitivity. The brewery struggled hard due to world wars and other setbacks. Due to inflation alone, the price of beer rose to an unbelievable high of 12,700,000 marks per liter. But the Schneiders managed to get the brewery and the family through the crisis. Today all crises are over and 140 years after the brewery was founded in Munich, the next descendant, Georg VII., Is already in the starting blocks to let the brewery continue to grow in the sixth generation. Today, when a beer doesn't cost a whole million more, we like to treat ourselves to one or the other specialty from Schneider. Special delicacies are the TAP X Nelson Sauvin or the Aventinus Vintage !

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80331 München

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Tap 3 Weisse Alkoholfrei
€ 1,90
Schneider Weisse 0,50 l bottle — € 3,80 / ltr
Aventinus Vintage
€ 2,90
€ 5,90

Schneider Weisse 0,50 l bottle — € 5,80 / ltr
Tap 7 Mein Original
€ 1,90
Schneider Weisse 0,50 l bottle — € 3,80 / ltr
Tap 5 Meine Hopfenweisse
€ 2,50
Schneider Weisse 0,50 l bottle — € 5,00 / ltr
Too popular
Tap 6 Unser Aventinus
€ 2,30
Schneider Weisse 0,50 l bottle — € 4,60 / ltr
Too popular
Aventinus Eisbock
€ 2,70
Schneider Weisse 0,33 l bottle — € 8,18 / ltr
Too popular
TAP X Nelson Sauvin
€ 6,90
Schneider Weisse 0,38 l bottle — € 18,40 / ltr
Too popular

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