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Schübel Bräu

Although Stadtsteinach does not even have 4000 inhabitants, there is a lot going on there. The town is located in the district of Kulmbach and was declared a state-approved resort due to its idyllic surroundings and impeccable air. The first documentary mention took place in 1151, since then Stadtsteinach has blossomed into a popular contact point for visitors and holidaymakers. The attractions of the community include a local history museum, a historic city center, a church, baroque buildings, mills and a preserved part of the medieval city wall. You can also hike to the Nordeck castle ruins, see the magnificent Steinach Gorge or go to the outdoor pool. It is particularly boisterous and cheerful in Stadtsteinach during the carnival season: numerous events take place in and around the town. Especially at this time of the year, but also at any other time of the year, the local brewery plays a major role. The Schübel Bräu has been supplying the region with the finest beer for more than 150 years.

A real family business

As one of the last private breweries in the Kulmbach area, the brewery bears a great deal of responsibility. The task of continuing the traditional craftsmanship of their ancestors weighs heavily on their shoulders - a duty that Jürgen Münch and his family fulfill day after day with dedication, enthusiasm and passion. Jürgen and his wife Andrea took over the brewery from their family and are already training their own successor: their son Mario has learned the craft of brewing and malting and is already helping out everywhere, their little daughter Lea-Sofie is already in the starting blocks. They form the sixth generation of the Münchs behind the boiler. For some time now, however, the family has not only been brewing for the people from Stadtsteinach and the surrounding area: when their cellar beer called A Fränkisch was awarded a bronze medal at the European Beer Star in 2012, the brewery gained international attention. Today, their fine beer is also enjoyed outside of Franconia.

Beer for Stadtsteinach and the world

The range of the Schübel brewery consists of down-to-earth classics, which are made with a love of detail and recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. All creations bear names that refer to Stadtsteinach and the Franconian home of the brewery. The Nordeck trunk, for example, refers to the castle ruins outside the city. The Schübel family is an important part of life in Stadtsteinach and can be found at every festival. Their beer creates a good atmosphere at church fairs, carnival parades, Christmas markets, sporting events, Easter markets and all kinds of other events.

Get a piece of Franconian joie de vivre with the delicious creations from Schübel!

Brauerei Leonhard Schübel oHG
Knollenstraße 12
95346 Stadtsteinach

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phone 09225 / 956482 09225 / 956482

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