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Spiegel Bräu

Franconia has been an oasis for beer lovers for centuries. The region with the highest concentration of breweries in the world has a wide range of different beers that go well with the local cuisine. Although beer is very important in Bamberg and the surrounding area, the number of breweries has steadily decreased in the past. Apart from a dozen long-established breweries, there were hardly any breweries for a while and certainly not new ones. With the advent of the craft beer movement, this trend changed and the Franconian beer scene is thriving again. This happy development continues to this day and makes the beer landscape of Franconia a paradise for beer lovers. Nowhere else in the world do the traditional art of brewing and state-of-the-art technology coexist as harmoniously as here. Tobias Spiegel is someone who combines brewing tradition with contemporary ideas.

From brewing equipment specialist to brewer

The Strullendorfer worked in construction at a local company that equips breweries with the necessary technology for brewing. In the course of this work, Tobias had almost daily contact with brewers and acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge about the brewing process and the subject of beer. After more than 10 years in the beer business, dry theory was no longer enough for him. He then started his first attempt at brewing in his own four walls, equipped with rudimentary equipment and a whole lot of good ideas in his head. That was in 2019. After the first successful brews, Tobias expanded his system more and more, and finally left the garage in 2022. In order to increase his output and make the results more predictable and quality-stable, he rented a room from Jörg from Brauhaus Binkert . Tobias is now brewing on a large scale on one of his former employer's plants and with his Spiegel Bräu he no longer only provides his loved ones with his tasty brews.

From the garage to the brewery

With his range of down-to-earth brews, Tobias would like to contribute to the variety of beers in Franconia. As a young brewer and career changer, he would like to bring a breath of fresh air into the business and enrich his homeland with a few delicious beers. To this day, all recipes are developed in his garage brewery. Only when Tobias is 100% satisfied does he adjust the quantities to the professional brewing system and then brew at Binkert. In everything he does, Tobias attaches great importance to sustainability and regionality. Its raw materials come from the region and the brewhouse is heated with wood pellets. The Spiegelbräu is an innovative brewery that combines modern ideas with the traditional art of brewing.

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Spiegel Bräu
Zur Silbergrube 3
96129 Strullendorf

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phone +4915733313321 +4915733313321

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