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St. ERHARD® is the premium beer brand from the home of beer. As a real Franconian “cellar beer”, St. ERHARD® beer is brewed and bottled in Bavaria according to the purity law. Every day we are driven by the passion to make our refined beer available to you as our global audience.

St. ERHARD® is not just a beer - it is beer culture!


Beer is not just a drink. It's an integral part of our culture. St. ERHARD® beer has dedicated itself to precisely this culture. Our value-driven approach with which we distribute excellent beer in Germany and the world is our key to success. Our philosophy is based on 3 values: authenticity, enjoyment, excellence.


We stand for a real and authentic product and are very aware of the cultural tradition of our region. By offering a genuine product, we want to take this historical and cultural heritage into account and spread it beyond the borders of our region and Germany.


For us, beer is the epitome of pleasure and enjoyment. However, we therefore strictly reject alcohol abuse. We also position our beer as a real culinary delight for connoisseurs who are looking for a special taste experience.


All of our work is aimed at enabling you to enjoy an unforgettable beer. For us, excellence is more of a virtue than a result.

Logo: St. ERHARD®

Hafenstraße 13
96052 Bamberg

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone +49 951 30178 389 +49 951 30178 389
print +49 951 30179 009

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€ 7,50
€ 9,90

St. ERHARD® 1 St. — € 7,50 / St.
Great beer brandy
€ 14,90
St. ERHARD® 0,20 l bottle — € 74,50 / ltr
Large barrel-aged beer brandy
€ 17,90
St. ERHARD® 0,20 l bottle — € 89,50 / ltr
€ 1,90
St. ERHARD® 0,33 l bottle — € 5,76 / ltr
Too popular
€ 6,90
St. ERHARD® 1 St. package — € 6,90 / St.
Too popular
Beer brandy small
€ 4,90
St. ERHARD® 0,04 l bottle — € 122,50 / ltr
Too popular
barrel-stored beer brandy small
€ 5,90
St. ERHARD® 0,04 l bottle — € 147,50 / ltr
Too popular

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