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Storch im Glück

Storch im Glück is a Franconian label that meets the zeitgeist: The creations from the brewery are gluten-free and are made with ingredients from regional, certified organic farming. Storch im Glück is young, modern and simply delicious.

For the love of beer

The passion for good beer has been in the blood of the members of this family for generations. The Schleicher brewery was founded in Kaltenbrunn in 1880, and today the seventh generation is behind the kettle. Nowadays the masters of the brew are Oskar Döllinger and his son Lorenz. The two master brewers work in the traditional Schleicher brewery and have founded a small label out of pure joy in experimenting and out of love for the raw material malt. Their project is called Storch im Glück, and it couldn't be more modern and trendy. Before it got that far, however, several years of research were done. Oskar Döllinger had set himself the goal of brewing a gluten-free beer. He did not want to use any enzymes and also refrain from using gluten-free types of grain. It should be a simple, tasty beer according to the Bavarian Purity Law. The development of this feat took a few years: a technique had to be found, the raw materials were handpicked and the taste should be no less than excellent. The effort was worth it. The result of intensive research and bold experimentation is a range of gluten-free beers that are brewed naturally and with refined craftsmanship. In addition to the alcoholic versions such as the organic Pilsener, the brewery also has non-alcoholic varieties such as the organic malt drink in its range. There is something for every taste and every situation!

Stork luck

If you are wondering how the two resourceful brewmasters came up with the creative name of their gluten-free label, you should take a trip to Kaltenbrunn. A pair of storks has been nesting on the roof of the Schleicher brewery for years. The two majestic birds return year after year to their nest and breed the next generations of storks there. The huge stork's nest sits enthroned on a specially attached frame above one of the brewery's own chimneys and overlooks the idyllic Itzgrund. The annual stork blessing served the master brewers as inspiration for the name of their project and at the same time adorns the label: A magnificent stork with wide wings is emblazoned on the bottles and tells of the feathered guests of the brewery.

Someone will brew me a stork!

Logo: Storch im Glück

Traditionsbrauerei Schleicher GmbH
Coburger Straße 22
96274 Itzgrund

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€ 2,90
Storch im Glück 0,50 l bottle — € 5,80 / ltr
€ 2,90
Storch im Glück 0,50 l bottle — € 5,80 / ltr

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